We Aim to Provide Our Patients with Holistic, Informed and Reassuring Care. We Commit Good Quality, Affordable and Hassle-Free Care to Our Patients.

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Meet The Surgeon

Dr. Santosh Shetty - Specialist in Joint Replacement and Trauma Surgery with more than 15 years of experience

Dr Santosh Shetty is One of the Experienced & Leading Joint Replacement Surgeon Practicing in Mumbai Since 2001.He Heads The Department of Arthroplasty And Joint Replacement for Surana Group of Hospitals Malad, Chembur, Sanpada & Thunga Group of Hospitals Malad, Miraroad, Boisar.

Associated Hospitals
  • Surana Group of Hospitals Malad, Chembur, Sanpada.
  • Thunga Group of Hospitals Malad, Mira Road, Boisar
  • Criticare Group of Hospitals Andheri East & West.
  • Seven Hills Hospital Andheri (East).
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Real Life. Real Stories

  • Lipsha Bajaj
    2 Years ago My mother had to undergo a bilateral surgery for her both leg knees. she was suffering for the past 10years ... we consulted many doctors ....and then we met Dr Santosh Shetty. our destiny. Until now I associated the word Surgery with Misery. After being under the careful watch of a doctor like you, I associate Surgery with Healthy Recovery... Other doctors simply treat their patients with medicines but forget to do the most important thing which you do – help them to move on with their lives with motivating words and inspirational thoughts. Thanks for everything doc. I am sending this note to send my heartfelt gratitude. Thanks for easing my mother's knee pain and thank you for encouraging her when she was down. You have done what medicine along the would not have done. Continue to be a blessing to others through your profession. my mother told something which I remember now. surgeon like you are not just doctors, but real lifesavers. I may not have talked to god in my prayers, but in your services I have seen some of his favors
    Lipsha Bajaj
  • Gopu Shree
    My wife was suffering from severe knee pain for the past 4 years. Just when it was decided to undergo total knee replacement surgery the doctor under whose care ,changed base. At this stage my company doctor referred her to Dr Santosh Shetty of Surana Sethia Hospital Chembur. At the end of her appointment I thanked my stars that i have come to the right place. A bilateral knee replacement surgery was conducted on 31st July 2018. Now after a week she is able to walk without any support as well as climb steps. I cannot express my gratitude in few words for Dr Santosh Shetty. He is just the definition of what a Doctor should be Kind, Compassionate,Dedicated,Motivative and down to earth. All our relevant and mostly irrelevant queries where answered without grumbling. He made her so comfortable that never felt that she was under the operating table. Each and every procedure was explained in detail both before and after the surgery.To top it all he makes a personal call to monitor the progress. Our sincere thanks to Doctor with a prayer to God to give him sufficient strength to serve the society .
    Gopu Shree
  • Mrome Ramchandran
    My wife had to undergo a bilateral surgery for her both knees. It was a testing time for us. My wife was suffering for the past 6 years or so. We consulted many. When we met Dr Santosh Shetty, a voice in us told that he is the surgeon who would do this surgery. In this context, we must say that one cannot miss out the divine grace present in his face. And with that great asset to back him, how a doctor cannot be both humorous and caring. It is natural. All through his conversation, there was a straightforward honesty which was a breath of fresh air. Above all, the Dr S Shetty listens when we speak to him. He asks for our opinion and includes us in decision making. He has a great sense of humor and skill. He makes his patients feel special. He has an excellent bedside manner. My wife is presently recuperating very fast and her post surgery pain is very minimal. May he live long and God bless.
    Mrome Ramchandran
  • Manasi Rachh
    My mother got her knee operation done from Dr Santosh Shetty. From the first meeting itself he was sweet and very clear. He told us all the details about the operation, the procedure, the materials he is going to use, the time it will take for healing etc very patiently. My mother had been delaying the surgery because she was scared of getting operated. After meeting him, she felt so comfortable that she instantly got ready to do the knee replacement with him. Post the operation he was always available on call. We had so many small concerns and I ended up calling him quite a few times, sometimes late in the night as well. He would always answer the call and solve all our queries patiently. It’s very rare that a surgeon at his level who is always so busy takes such kind of personal interest in the patients well being. He was very kind, empathetic and encouraging. My mom felt half her illness was gone just by talking to him. We had been to few doctors before we got to know about Dr Shetty. We feel doing the knee replacement surgery with him was the best decision we could have ever made! Such an excellent doctor and such a positive experience. Thank you Dr Shetty. Will always be grateful.
    Manasi Rachh
  • Rajagopal N
    We recently had a need to consult Dr. Santosh Shetty for our father. He is 98 years old, had a fall and broke his hip bone. From the time we consulted Dr. Shetty it was a wow experience. Right through consultation, admission and Surgery he was caring and helpful. The surgery ( hip replacement ) went of exceptionally well and our father is back home. He is recovering very well. He is able to getup, taking his body weight on his legs and started walking .He walks normally with walker and goes about his routine day to day activities in the house.In all a very pleasant, and happy experience. We are grateful to Dr. Shetty and his team.
    Rajagopal N
  • Niyati Chonkar
    Dr.Santosh Shetty "The Best Knee replacement surgeon in town " My mom was not able to stand or walk for a minute and the pain was unbearable, then through someone's reference, we met Dr.Santosh Shetty. He recommended us a knee replacement surgery and also assured us that she will be completely fine after that. And yes it's been 4 years now for her knee replacement surgery and she is completely fine. She can walk, she can stand for a long time. Dr. Santosh Shetty is a very kind-hearted and polite person also gives personal attention to his patients which is the best thing. I would recommend every person who is facing similar issue should visit Dr.Santosh Shetty
    Niyati Chonkar
  • Drjinal Modi
    He is a wonderful Doctor and my Mothers knee transplant is great success.
    Drjinal Modi
  • Sharmilee Raj
    Gives Adequate Time To His Patients. My Mom under his care he treats his patients with respect Would strongly recommend people with Joints pain to take his opinion Thanks Dr SantoshShetty for taking care of my Family.
    Sharmilee Raj
  • Avani Shah
    Excellent doctor my mom 68 yrs got her hip ball replacement done opertaion successful a very genuine dr always kept us updated as to wht is done he did biporal as that was required kept us totally stressfree n the recovery is also fast very happy with the doctor n would recommend all for any orthopedic things pls contact doctor Santosh Shetty.
    Avani Shah
  • Sameer Trivedi
    My mother got operated by Dr Santosh Shetty for left Total knee replacement surgery. He is very Good Dr. also very cooprative.
    Sameer Trivedi
  • Prashant Sawant
    Hi...I am working for Alkem Pharma. I have received positive reference from my office. My mother is operated in last month for her both bilateral knee replacement. On day second day of her operation she had started walking slowly. Now she can walk withoout any support. Doctor is having many adjectives like humbleness, politeness, smiling on face always etc. I would definately suggest Dr. Santosh Shetty in future to others also. Thanks and Keep doing good and be as same you are.
    Prashant Sawant
  • Saumil Shah
    Excellent Doctor, Breakthrough technology, Correct Guidance & Solution Provider to all Knee related Issues. Thanking you we remain. Ashok R Shah & Family, Mumbai, India
    Saumil Shah
  • Dr Hemal Barchha
    Excellent doctor who gives personal attention to all his patients. Recommended to all those who suffer from knee problems. Operated on my mom and she is doing well now. Thank you Dr Santosh Shetty.
    Dr Hemal Barchha
  • Shilpa Rahate
    Dr Santosh Shetty is a very good doctor . He is knowledgeable experienced and humble. He makes patient comfortable during treatment . He keeps on researching and adpot new technology for better treatment of patients . His guidance and response towards pateint and their family members is also nice . Thank for treating my mother twice & relieving her from knee pain.
    Shilpa Rahate
  • Shraddha Shetty
    Dr. Santosh Shetty operated my Dad for hip replacement. He is an excellent Doctor with extensive knowledge in his field. My Dad can now walk properly within 1 month of the operation. Such quick recovery isn't miraculous but Doctor's dedicated efforts and care. A huge gratitude to him!
    Shraddha Shetty
  • Hiren Shah
    He is a great doctor Recently my mom had gone under an accident in which her hip ball got cracked her age is 76 dr Santosh Shetty did a great work and now my mom is feeling great He is a person who will give full attention to the patient and make sure that the patient recovers as fast as possible Infact he was in usa when my mom accident took place we are so thankful to him and we are grateful that specially for his patient he came all the way from us to make the operation possible and so that my mom could recover Rakhi Hiren Shah
    Hiren Shah
  • Radheshyam Singhania
    Doctor Santosh Shetty is great, got entire information about my medical treatment; They treat us with respect, dignity and care. The Co-ordination of staff is good & also the Medical care treatments are nice. I would like to say thanks to the entire staff of Thunga Hospital specially Dr.santosh Shetty & my friend Mr.Rajeah who brought me here for treatment.
    Radheshyam Singhania
  • Sandeep Gadia
    Excellent experience with the doc. Expertise for TKR (Total Knee Replacement)- done on my mother. Got ACL scopy done by him for my son then. 100% faith n trust on capacity as professional. Thanks doc and I wish U all the success ahead.
    Sandeep Gadia
  • Deesha Jadhav
    Dr Santosh Shetty is very helpful he has treated me and my family members we are thankful to him for his timely guidance...he is very knowledgeable and experienced
    Deesha Jadhav
  • Sagar Rahate
    He is very good doctor. Well experienced. Handel's pateint well. Clears pateints n family doubts. Guide properly for post operation
    Sagar Rahate
  • Shweta Mane
    Dr Santosh Shetty operated my mom the both knee replacement.. He is the best orthopaedic surgeon... Very respectful,caring n grt job done by him... Thank you sir
    Shweta Mane
  • Shreya Shah
    Very Helpful. Great Doctor. He has treated several members of our family since 10 years. We have always received sound advice and treatment. Also, the hospital is conveniently located.
    Shreya Shah
  • Prachi Wade
    Dr santosh shetty operated my mother in law who is 54 for bilateral knee replacement.. He was very humble towards my mother in law. He gave personal attention while she was being treated. Me being a physiotherapist by profession explained me each n every step of the surgery which ultimately helps me with her rehabilitation. He is well experienced and with great knowledge.. I would like to thank him for all the help and guidance. Thank u sir.. wish u loads of luck.
    Prachi Wade
  • Sohan Jain
    Dr. Shetty has operated my Wife who is 52 for Both Knee Total Replacement he is a very sincere and dr with good knowledge. I and my family were very happy with him. After a month he did surgery on my mom who is 100 yrs old for hip ball fracture me and my entire family cannot thank him enough for what a help his entire team has been Thank You Dr. Santosh Shetty from my whole family
    Sohan Jain
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