Adding Miles To Life And Making A Difference In Patients Life

Revolutionary Techniques and Holistic Approach Helps Multiple Patients to End Pain and Bring Back Mobility by Undergoing Total Knee Replacement By Joint Replacement Surgeon Dr Santosh Shetty
August 3, 2018
Dr Santosh Shetty was invited By Dignity Foundation to Create an Awareness on Arthritis
August 3, 2018

Each had a Story to Tell And Each Had One Common Link.

Patients Came from Different Places but had One Common Link PAIN WHICH MADE IT DIFFICULT TO WALK.

Patients were in Different Age Groups but had One Common Link Grade 4 Osteoarthritis of Knee Joint that is Severe Wear & Tear Of Joint Cartilage.

Patients Spoke Different Languages but had One Common Desire … A Pain Free Life.

Patients Were Suffering from Many Years but Had One Common Link The Date Of Surgery …To be Relieved of All Their Pain and Experience A HAPPY PAIN FREE LIFE.

Patients came in Different Sizes but they all had a Common Link DEPUY ATTUNE KNEE REPLACEMENT SURGERY.

Patients had Different Stories to tell but they all had A Common Link DR SANTOSH SHETTY JOINT REPLACEMENT SURGEON FROM MUMBAI.

Each had a story to tell while one was referred by His Sister from Dubai who had undergone a similar Knee Replacement Surgery Five Years back and who is absolutely happy with her knee and looking forward and awaiting a Replacement Surgery on her other side, while on the other side was a Daughter from Medical Profession who had seen more then hundreds of happy patients and now it was her turn to see her Mother Enjoy A Pain Free Joint and Life.

The third patient had undergone one side Knee Replacement Surgery 7 months Back and came back for the other side.
She was absolutely happy with her knee and had Achieved full functionality. She came all the way from Mangalore and was referred by her Elder sister from Mumbai who had herself undergone the same surgery Eight years back and is able to do all her Functions.
Dr Santosh Shetty Eminent and one of the Top Rated and Leading Joint Replacement and Orthopedic Surgeon performed High Performance Attune Knee Replacement on all these patients.
The Surgery was performed using Muscle Sparing Approach and Minimal Invasive Technique. Cruciate Ligaments were not Sacrificed leading to speedy recovery and walking without stick and climbing stairs at the time of Discharge.
All the patients had reduced mobility and severe pain at the time of admission and at the time of discharge they were All Comfortable and Painless.
Adding Miles To Life once Again remains our Credo

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