Adding Miles To Life and Smiles Across the Boundaries

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July 6, 2018
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Adding Miles To Life and Smiles Across the Boundaries

Persona-Knee-Replacement-Mumbai-by Dr Santosh Shetty

Mr Bharat who stays in Muscat was suffering from Severe Knee pain due to Arthritis since past four years. He was unable to lead a normal life and finding it difficult to do his day to day activities and enjoy life with his family and especially his granddaughter.
He decided to travel from Middle East and cross the seven seas to find relief.
He met couple of Doctors and all advised him surgery not satisfied with any he decided to consult Dr Santosh Shetty Joint Replacement Surgeon from Mumbai. He and his family were explained in details the need for the surgery and the type of surgery by Dr Santosh Shetty. He was thoroughly convinced with the approach, clarity and the reassurance given by Dr Shetty.
He also met and came across few patients who had already undergone their surgery by Dr Santosh Shetty. They also installed faith and reassured him that he needn’t worry as he is with one of the Best Knee Joint Replacement Surgeons in Mumbai.
He underwent first surgery few months back and experienced for himself a speedy pain free recovery. Happy with his recovery he traveled back to Muscat and came back for the other side Knee Replacement Surgery.

Now it’s been two weeks after the second Knee Replacement and is already pain free and has regained his day to day activities.
He is very happy with his Surgery and now feels he should have got it done 4 yrs back and should not have continued with the suffering.
He says that He and his Family has no Hesitation in Recommending any one who is Suffering with Knee pain due to Arthritis like him to Dr Santosh Shetty and says that this Surgery should be done at the earliest rather then suffer the pain and wait till the mobility is reduced.
His wife is very happy with Dr Santosh Shetty and feels that a Magic has happened and can’t believe the speedy recovery

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