AGE NO BAR for Hip Replacement Mr Aiyar Soon to be Hundred undergones a Hip Replacement Surgery. Gets a New Lease of Life

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Adding Miles To Life and Smiles Across the Boundaries
July 11, 2018
Weekend Knee Replacement Surgery Fast Track Recovery by Dr Santosh Shetty, Mumbai
July 11, 2018
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AGE NO BAR for Hip Replacement Mr Aiyar Soon to be Hundred undergones a Hip Replacement Surgery. Gets a New Lease of Life


Mr Aiyar had a fall at home and had a fracture of his Hip Joint.

His Son realised that his father has cracked the Hip ball and got an Xray done at home. It was confirmed that his father has a fracture. Hon Aslam Shaikh MLA of Malad constituency known to the Family closely Recommended him to meet Dr Santosh Shetty Joint Replacement Surgeon who had operated on his uncle for a Knee Replacement and also his Friends Mother for a Hip fracture.
Dr Santosh Shetty Explained regarding Fracture Neck of Femur to Mr Aiyar and the need for the surgery Uncemented Arthroplasty and all the risks involved in details.
The main concern for the Relatives were his Age close to 100 and his Underlying Cardiac Status where his heart function was only 20% and he had a underlying Aortic Stenosis.
Mr Aiyar was admitted, the Work up was done and a Multidisciplinary Team Approach was taken under the Supervision of a Cardiologist and Physician.
He was operated under Epidural Analgesia as a High Risk Surgery with all the Risk Factors explained to the Relatives.

The Challenge of the Hip Replacement Surgery was to finish the surgery in a shortest duration possible so that there is less stress on the patient and the patients heart.
Experienced Team led by Dr Santosh Shetty Hip and Knee Joint Replacement Surgeon including Trained Ot Staff and Highly Qualified Anaesthetist made sure that the Surgical time is as less as possible and finished the surgery in less then twenty (20) minutes.

Mr Aiyar was kept for recuperation in the ICU.
Mr Aiyar recovered well and started sitting the same day and walking soon.
His Family members who were very stressed and had traveled all across the Globe like Sydney Canada and USA were relieved to see him Recover completely and had smiles on their face when they saw their father pain free.

Dr Shetty Santosh added that these are High Risk Cases and require Team Work and Multidisciplinary Advanced Institutional Approach and one of his patients that he had operated for fracture Hip Joint with Hip Replacement many years back when she was 98 will be completing 111 years.
Dr Shetty said it’s a Wonderful Feeling when you get to take away the pain of a patient and bring smile to their faces and touch the hearts of the Family.

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