Article in Mumbai Samachar Gujrathi Newspaper Pan Mumbai Yesterday 14th Aug Freedom from Pain

Get Relief from Joint Pain – Article by Dr Santosh Shetty
August 24, 2018
Finally My Husband Gets to Visit Temple and is Now Pain Free after Total Knee Replacement By Dr Santosh Shetty
September 9, 2018
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Article in Mumbai Samachar Gujrathi Newspaper Pan Mumbai Yesterday 14th Aug Freedom from Pain

News Paper Article - Dr Santosh Shetty Hip Replacement Surgeon Mumbai

A Journey of Victory over Pain and Back to Traveling in Mumbai Local Train and Running Mumbai Half Marathon.

Joint Pain Spares Nobody whether Rich or Poor, Male or female, No Caste Creed Religion and Language or Country it sees No Age it affects Young and Old. Dependence on pain killers and eventually restrictions in Mobility is a common link in all those suffering with Joint Pain.

One such story is of Mr Jagdish Alva a young man in his Forties who had severe pain and restrictions in Mobility due to complete destruction of both his Hip Joints. He consulted Many Surgeons and came to understand that he will require Hip Replacement.
Mr Alva who after prolonged suffering had given up Hope’s on getting back to work and travelling in Mumbai Local Train happily said that ” Am back to Leading A Normal Life after undergoing a Ceramic Hip Replacement for both my hips and Today I proudly tell my Story of Victory over Pain while traveling in Mumbai Local Train to my fellow passengers “.

Mr Vinod Bhandari and Mrs Poonam Bhandari are another such couple in their sixtees who wanted to be Active and go on Pilgrimages but were suffering from Severe pain in their knee joints leading to Restriction of movements since many years. They had consulted many Doctors and were adviced to Undergo Knee Replacement.
Mr Bhandari said “It’s been 8 years and 6 yrs now since me and my wife underwent Knee Replacement Surgery by Joint Replacement Surgeon Dr Santosh Shetty and ever since then we have been leading a Pain-Free Active Social Life to the Fullest. We have been on Many Pilgrimages like Chaar Dhaam Yatra were we climbed and walked the difficult terrains of Badrinath and Kedarnath during the Pilgrimages.”
Mr Bhandari went on to add that he has recently participated and completed the Mumbai Standard Chartered Half Marathon and is Thankful to the Team of Doctor’s for helping many like him To Lead a Pain-Free Life.

Dr Santosh Shetty Joint Replacement Surgeon from Mumbai who operated on Mr Alva, Mr and Mrs Bhandari and many such patients said ” With Evolution of Technology, Availability of Best Equipments and Advanced Implants and Surgical Skills of a Trained Surgeon Patients Suffering from Pain Due to Arthritis can Look Forward to Leading a Pain Free Life and Freedom from Their Pain”.

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