Are athletic activities safe after joint replacement surgery?

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Are athletic activities safe after joint replacement surgery?

activities after joint replacement

Historically Pain relief has been the main purpose of having a joint replacement surgery, although the need to enhance joint function has also become a motive for patients especially those participating in athletic activities.

After Joint Replacement Surgery, patient and orthopedic surgeons don’t necessarily concern about the same things, as patients focus on pain relief and regaining function, surgeons are concerned about pain relief, mobility and how long the joint replacement will last before a revision if required. Considering these factors joint replacement surgeons usually recommend low impact activity or sports for patients and insist on avoiding high impact sports in an effort to prolong the life of the prosthesis

So you might have a question, Can you participate in athletic activities after joint replacement? Yes, you can. However, this should be under the instructions and care of your orthopedic doctor.

Are athletic activities safe after joint replacement surgery?

Patients need a lot of care after joint replacement surgery. They should generally be gentle and careful to avoid hurting their joints further. The fact is that patients who have recently undergone joint replacement surgery can participate in athletics without injuring themselves more. However, they should start after about twelve weeks of post-surgery. By this time, the implant would have been integrated into the body system.

However, most experts will still have hesitations, though, and want you to think about the risk associated or impact of your activity on your joints before participating in strenuous athletic activities. Following are some of the athletic activities that are safe after joint replacement surgery.

  1. Walking
    This activity is beneficial to your health. You can start with a few slow steps before advancing to longer distances. Walking will help you burn calories and stay fit after surgery.
  2. Swimming
    Swimming does not involve lifting of any weights. This makes it a safe activity to take part in. In fact, it helps in making the joint more flexible and trains it on movements.
  3. Dancing
    How about making some slow moves in response to some music? Slow dance moves are a good way of training your knee joint on movements without hurting yourself. Dancing is a nice activity to keep you alert and flexible.

The effects of implant wear on athletic activity

The truth is that joint replacements actually enhance joint functionality. A person may perform better after a joint replacement compared to before undergoing the surgery.

Now, how does being active affect the prosthetic joint? Well, revisions are done after some years (only if required). The level of activeness of the patient may determine how fast the joint wears out and how often repeat surgeries are done.

Although there is no research to determine the type of activity and its effect on a prosthetic joint, most experts recommend lighter activities that do not put much pressure on the joints.

What should you do before taking part in sports?

The decision you make in this situation greatly determines your wellbeing, how long you will stay before going for revision, and a possibility of further injury. This is what you need to do before getting involved in athletic activities.

  • Consult your surgeon.
  • Have a qualified trainer for the sport.
  • Build your back, knee, and hip strength.
  • Beware of the risks involved in taking participating in the sport.

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