Blessings is What I Have in Plenty for Dr Santosh Shetty My Doctor in India said Mrs Gajaria, Knee Replacement Patient from Dubai.

Couple enjoying their Second Innings after A Computer Assisted Navigated Total Knee Replacement Surgery.
August 3, 2018
My Wife is Ready To Run After Gold Knee Replacement By Dr Santosh Shetty, Mumbai
August 3, 2018

Mrs Jayashree Gajaria who had severe pain in her knee joints and could hardly walk had no other option but to see a Doctor for her treatment.
She traveled all the way from Dubai to meet Dr Santosh Shetty Mumbai’s Best Joint Replacement Surgeon practicing in Mumbai. Dr Shetty suggested her to undergo a Knee Replacement for her Lt Knee and a Viscosupplementation/ Synovial Fluid Restoration Therapy for her Rt Knee Joint.

Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Mumbai

She was explained about the available treatment options and the Benefits. She was counseled and prepared for the Total Knee Replacement.
Dr Santosh Shetty Mumbai’s Leading Joint Replacement Surgeon practicing for more then 15 years used Minimal Invasive Technique and Incision with Muscle Sparing Approach to perform this Surgery which resulted in quick recovery with no blood loss and Early Discharge and Mobility.

It’s been Six years for the Knee Replacement and she who could hardly walk has traveled extensively across Mumbai, Dubai, Greece and Multiple Holy Destination like Dwarka, Mathura and others. Total Knee Replacement has given her a new lease of life and Mobility. Three years later after her Knee Replacement she traveled to Mumbai for a Knee Replacement of her other Knee Joint but was surprised when Dr Santosh Shetty said that he would want to give a Gel into her knee and wait rather then go ahead with the Total Knee Replacement. She was surprised by the Honest opinion of her Doctor when she was willing to undergo a surgery. The gel injection helped her continue for another 3 years.

Now it’s been Six years after the Knee Replacement and when in this visit she was prepared again to undergo a Knee Replacement if need may be she was again adviced and given a Gel into her knee.

She is pain free today and has over the period of time referred many pts from Dubai for this Surgery including her brother.

She blesses Dr Santosh Shetty from the Bottom of her Heart and wishes him success to continue with the good work and honest opinion which helps in relieving patients of their pain.

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