September 9, 2018
Life After Total Knee Replacement Surgery Operated by Dr Santosh Shetty, Mumbai

None of My Relatives can believe their Eyes and We are Extremely Happy Seeing the Speedy Recovery after Bilateral Total Knee Replacement By Dr Santosh Shetty

Mr and Mrs Naik a Couple from Navi Mumbai Vashi had planned to travel to South Africa in few months. All plans were in place but […]
September 9, 2018

My Friends can’t Believe that I Walked Comfortably after 4 Hrs of Total Knee Replacement Surgery by Dr Santosh Shetty

Mr Himatlal Doshi and his wife have a Story to tell All those who come to meet them that though he is 116 kgs yet he […]
September 9, 2018

Journey from Delhi to Mumbai For Fast Track Recovery and A Pain Free Life….

Mrs Kapoor had tried everything but nothing could give her relief. Mrs Kapoor had consulted the Bests over the years in Delhi but still found no […]
September 9, 2018

Technology has found to be an asset in the Current Era of Advanced Joint Replacement. Innovations have blessed us with Technological Marvel’s, among which, at the Forefront is “Navigated Arthroplasty”

Joint Replacement has proved to be a great boon for our Patients suffering from Terminal Arthritis. Total Knee Replacement is said to be one of the […]
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