Joint Replacement with Absolute Precision™ Protocol in Mumbai

Absolute Precision™ is the results of our more than 15 years of Hard Work & Dedication.

Joint Replacement has proved to be a great boon for our Patients suffering from Terminal Arthritis. Total Knee Replacement is said to be one of the most successful surgeries of the last decade.


Over the last decades every patient has thought me something, every patient has helped me evolve becoming a Better Joint Replacement Surgeon. Through our practice we have realized that no two patients are same as each individual has different needs and each come in different age, shape and sizes.

  • Age of the patient defines the activity level of the patient and different needs of such patients. A young patient will be more demanding when it comes to their level of need and activities while a elderly patient will have a different expectations from the surgery.
  • Sex, Race, Religion has its own prevalence of expectations while size of the patient also effects the outcome.
  • The understanding of these variabilities led to intraoperative changes and customisation of surgeries depending upon these factors of a patient.
  • A need of a diabetic patient would be a choice of Implants which could reduce the risk of infection while a patient having a history of metal allergy may require a Implant made of material which will reduce the risk of metal allergy.
  • An obese patient would benefit by a Implant that will provide maximum stability while a young and active patient would look for a Joint which will give maximum flexibility and help in return to do all day to day activities.
  • Choice of Implants thus were multifactorial dependant and so were the choices of available techniques ranging from Muscle cutting to muscle Sparing Approaches.
  • A thin patients would benefit with a different exposure then a obese patient.

These variabilities in practice led to an understanding that no two patients are same so similarly no two surgeries could be the same.

With time and Experience we realised the need for application of all the available resources in Management of Arthritic Patients and forming a treatment protocol best suited for that subset of Patients.

With Experience and Dedication we made Absolute Precision™ Protocol – Complicated Arthroplasty Simplified as we were always Dedicated to the Art and Science of Orthopedic Care.

We have been using Absolute Precision™ treatment protocol for our Patients over the period of years and we continuously are encouraged with the feedback and results that we got from our Patients and thus kept on updating the way we practice Arthroplasty.

The Difference could be seen in long term results and the speedy Painfree recovery of our patients leading to early discharge and return to restoration of complete pain free mobility.

We have over the period of time trademark registered our Absolute Precision™ Innovative Techniques which customize the Arthroplasty on the basis of the need and requirements of our patients to return to their day to day activities after TKR at the earliest with least discomfort and achieving good long term results.

But yet there seems to be a definite scope for improvement in terms of accuracy and precision involved in this procedure apart from techniques, we use technology like Navigated Arthroplasty which can give the Surgeon Absolute Precision™ and Accuracy helping in Long Term Survivorship of the Implants and Surgery.

Absolute Precision™ :

  • We Aim For Perfect Alignment
  • We Try Not to Cut Your Ligament, We Save them
  • We Know Your Bone is Precious, We Cut less of Your Bone.
  • We Know How To Keep Your Incision Small
  • We Care For Your Muscles, We Don’t Cut Them
  • We Make You Walk within Few hours of Surgery
  • We Make You Climb Stairs and Send you home in 3 days
  • Our Patients Receive Absolute Care and Absolute Precision™
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