Regenerative Cell Therapy for Joint Preservation

Regenerative Cell Treatments for Joint Pain

Adult stem cells are cells from your own body that can renew themselves and turn into other cells (differentiate). They live inside all of us in various tissues, poised to leap into action to repair damage as it occurs.

Our own stem cells found in our bone marrow, blood, and adipose tissues come from the same family of cells that form joints, cartilage, menisci, ligaments, muscles and bone. These cells can be utilized to help repair your joints.

How do Adult (One’s Own) Regenerative Cells Work?
When we, as humans, are conceived and growing in utero, we start out primarily as stem cells, then as we grow and develop, those blank cells become liver cells, skin cells, nerve cells, etc. As we continue to grow, our bodies continue to produce these stem cells to treat and maintain our bodily systems.

This means that these cells can be used to treat like-minded tissues all over the body, including stem cell knee repair.

What are Regenerative Cells Used For?
Currently, using your own cells, we can help repair joint damage from arthritis and sports injuries.

Who are the right candidates for knee regenerative cell therapy?

  • Young people with mild to moderate knee arthritis. In them, it will alleviate their pain and postpone the need for replacement
  • Patients not medically fit for knee replacement but still have some cartilage left.
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