Easy Guide for Women Bone Health

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October 18, 2019
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Easy Guide for Women Bone Health

bone health for women

Bone Health is essential for the body, with numerous functions such as providing structure to the body, protecting the organs and acting as a support for muscles. Over time, it has been proven that women are more at risk of developing osteoarthritis, making it essential to maintain bone health from a young age. Hence, it is vital to build strong bones and keep them healthy by providing them the daily nutrition needed.

What factors affect bone health?

  • Low calcium intake
    A low calcium diet causes a loss in bone density and increases the risk of bone fractures.
  • Tobacco and Alcohol Use
    Use of tobacco and excessive consumption of alcohol affects the bones, making them weak.
  • Sedentary lifestyle
    Sitting for long periods of time and being physically inactive increases the risk of osteoarthritis.
  • Underweight or Overweight
    Being underweight results in less body mass and being overweight puts more pressure on the bone joints, causing arthritis.
  • Hormonal changes
    Excess thyroid hormone causes bone loss. Moreover, a decrease in estrogen levels, especially during menopause, increases bone loss.

Tips for good bone health

Taking certain tips can help improve bone health with good nutrition:

  • Strength training
    Resistance training can help strengthen the bones, making them resistant to bone loss. However, make sure to seek help from a professional, as you may cause further damage to your bones without proper guidance.
  • Eat loads of vegetables
    Vegetables have plenty of Vitamin C, which helps in absorbing calcium. Green vegetables also help with bone mineralization.
  • Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol
    Tobacco use and consumption of excess alcohol are associated with bone loss. Hence avoid using tobacco in any form, and limit the consumption of alcohol, to keep the bones strong and healthy.
  • Vitamin D is your savior
    Vitamin D is another essential requirement for the absorption of calcium. Most women suffer from Vitamin D deficiency, causing bone loss. While the best source of Vitamin D is sunlight, you can also opt for supplements if you have a serious Vitamin D deficiency.
  • Don’t skimp on milk
    Most of today’s fad diets stress on avoiding milk. However, milk is a great source of calcium. A glass of milk a day will do much more good to you than harm, so make sure not to skip it.
  • Get your bone density tested
    Getting bone density tests are quick and painless and can help you determine if you are at risk of fractures or arthritis. This also allows for timely treatment.
  • Limit caffeine intake
    Too much caffeine can limit the amount of calcium absorbed by the bones. It is advised to limit caffeine intake to 2 cups a day on an average, and 1 cup per day for pregnant women.
  • Maintain proper nutrition
    Vitamin K, Magnesium, and Potassium are necessary minerals for the absorption of calcium. Hence, eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains and more, high in these nutrients, to allow the proper amount of calcium to be absorbed by the body.

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Dr. Santosh Shetty
Dr. Santosh Shetty
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