Family Physician Makes a Decision of her Lifetime when it came to her Knees

50 years old Arthritic lady from Thane, Mumbai Gets Her Life Back after Partial Knee Resurfacing by Dr Santosh Shetty
July 6, 2018
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Adding Miles To Life and Smiles Across the Boundaries
July 11, 2018

Dr Geeta Dalal Practicing Family Physician Makes a Decision of her Lifetime when it came to her Knees.

She needed to Trust a Surgeon She Chose Dr Santosh Shetty for her Knees

A leading Family Physician from Suburban Mumbai at the age of 64 had the Dilemma to Trust someone with her Knees.
She had been taking medicines for couple of years and off lately had realised that time had come to get herself operated as she could not visit her own clinic and was going through lots of Pain and suffering. She started Enquiring around for a Joint Replacement Surgeon in Mumbai with whom she could trust her Knees and get a right opinion.
She met Dr Santosh Shetty Joint Replacement Surgeon from Mumbai who was strongly recommended to her through many of her associates, patients and colleagues from Malad Medical Association.
She was completely assured about the type of surgery, the choice of Implants available and the time of Recovery.
The Confidence that she got after meeting Dr Santosh Shetty helped her to decide to undergo Bilateral Total Knee Joint Replacement Surgery with Muscle Sparing Approach and Minimal Invasive Technique.
She recovered completely within ten days and started going to her clinic and attending her patients from the Third week.
She is very happy about the Decision that she made which was made easy after she met Dr Santosh Shetty.
She was reassured and explained in details of the procedure.
She recovered well and didn’t require any Physiotherapist at home and did all the Exercises by herself

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