I feel am 25 Years Younger says Dr Swali The Renowned Veterinarian in Mumbai after Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery by Dr Santosh Shetty

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August 24, 2018
Get Relief from Joint Pain – Article by Dr Santosh Shetty
August 24, 2018
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I feel am 25 Years Younger says Dr Swali The Renowned Veterinarian in Mumbai after Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery by Dr Santosh Shetty


Dr Swali had severe deformities of both his knees and knew that it has been due to his Active and hectic work schedule.
Dr Swali who is around 83 and who’s third generation is also into Veterinarian practice attributes his wear and tear of Joints to his Occupational Hazard. Dr Swali practicing for more then 54 yrs had to walk long distances and travel extensively and squat at most of the times as part of his routine practice which led to severe wear and tear with extreme deformities.

Dr Swali who is Renowned Veterinarian is extremely Active and is a very busy practioner wanted to get back his Active Lifestyle which over the period of time was restricted due to pain and Deformity.

He Knew Most of The Leading Joint Replacement Surgeons and started meeting them. They all advise Surgery which he himself knew was the only option left.
He was introduced to Dr Santosh Shetty Joint Replacement Surgeon from Mumbai through a Dietician whom he knew personally.
Dr Swali was relaxed during the very first consultation when Dr Santosh Shetty Explained to him in Details about the whole surgery.

  • Muscle Sparing Approach
  • Cruciate Retaining Knee
  • Less of Bone Cuts
  • Small Incision
  • Less of Blood loss
  • Sutureless Surgery
  • Choice of Implants
  • Pain Management Techniques

And DISPOSABLE NAVIGATION TOOLS to reduce the Risk of Embolism which can be Life Threatening and would help him undergo Bilateral Knee Replacement with least associated Risks.
These information and transparency helped him and the Family to understand the whole surgery along with the recovery period.
Dr Santosh Shetty who had completely planned the Surgery executed the same as planned and Dr Swali could walk the same day.
What surprised everybody was the deformities which were completely corrected and the speedy recovery which allowed him to be back in Clinic working in three weeks.
It’s been Six Months for the Surgery and today Dr Swali says that he feels 25 years younger. He is back to his old hectic lifestyle, clinic and climbing around 80 to 90 staircases every day.
Dr Swali Thanks Dr Santosh Shetty and his Team for all the Efforts Planning and Execution which helped in speedy recovery.

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