Finally My Husband Gets to Visit Temple and is Now Pain Free after Total Knee Replacement By Dr Santosh Shetty

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Article in Mumbai Samachar Gujrathi Newspaper Pan Mumbai Yesterday 14th Aug Freedom from Pain
September 9, 2018
No Physiotherapy & Back To Yoga After Total Knee Replacement In Safe Hands of Dr Santosh Shetty.
September 9, 2018

Mrs Gandhi who herself has undergone a Knee Replacement 4 yrs back was worried for her husband who was having severe Knee Pain.

Mr Gandhi who is now 75 yr old had undergone a successful Knee Replacement at the age of 65 around 10 years back but past few years he was having severe pain in the Knee Joint which led to Restriction of his movements.


His wife was worried as he was not able to carry on with his day to day activities and was being dependent.
He also had to undergo a Angioplasty few years back due to his Heart Condition.
Mrs Gandhi knew that the only way out is Knee Replacement but had her own fears due to his Age and his Heart Condition.
She felt that Her husband is too weak and may not be able to cope up with the Surgery the way he did 10 years back or she did 4 yrs back.
She trusted Dr Santosh Shetty Joint Replacement Surgeon a Prominent and one of the Leading Surgeons from Mira Road but at the same time was worried for her husband Mr Gandhi.
Dr Santosh Shetty Joint Replacement Surgeon from Mumbai assured her and her family that He has one of the Best Teams consisting of Cardiologist, Physician and Anaesthetist and they needn’t worry. He also put them across to Multiple Elderly High Risk patients and their families /relatives who had undergone similar surgery safely and are doing well in life and Leading a Pain Free Life.

Dr Santosh Shetty Joint Replacement Surgeon said that He has operated on Pts as elderly as age of 96 for a Knee Replacement and 102 years for Hip Replacement.
He gives the Credit to his Team of Experienced Doctors under whose able supervision and Guidance such High Risk Surgeries are Safely Possible.
Mr Gandhi who underwent a Knee Replacement was in the Hospital for 3 days and started walking within 6 hrs.
Mr Gandhi has been able to continue with his routine activities and is pain free.

Mrs Gandhi is completely relieved and is happy to share that her husband is absolutely fine within one month of his surgery and doing all house hold routine activities and has started going to Temple too.

Being able to Visit a Temple regularly was all that Mr Gandhi wanted and is happy that now he can pray without Pain.

Dr Santosh Shetty said that he is Happy that he has been able To Add Miles To One more Life.

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