My Friends can’t Believe that I Walked Comfortably after 4 Hrs of Total Knee Replacement Surgery by Dr Santosh Shetty

Journey from Delhi to Mumbai For Fast Track Recovery and A Pain Free Life….
September 9, 2018
Life After Total Knee Replacement Surgery Operated by Dr Santosh Shetty, Mumbai
None of My Relatives can believe their Eyes and We are Extremely Happy Seeing the Speedy Recovery after Bilateral Total Knee Replacement By Dr Santosh Shetty
September 9, 2018
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My Friends can’t Believe that I Walked Comfortably after 4 Hrs of Total Knee Replacement Surgery by Dr Santosh Shetty

Mr Himatlal Doshi and his wife have a Story to tell All those who come to meet them that though he is 116 kgs yet he had a Painless Comfortable Surgery and a Fast Track Recovery which is nothing short of a Miracle due to the Caring Team of Dr Santosh Shetty

Mr Doshi goes on to add that not only did he have a speedy recovery but also the Honest opinion of Dr Santosh Shetty gave him relief with only a Injection and he Didn’t need to Undergo a Knee Replacement Surgery for Lt Knee.

Mr Himatlal Doshi who was finding it difficult to walk due to pain in both the Knees had met couple of Joint Replacement Surgeons in Mumbai and was advised Bilateral Knee Replacement.
He made up his mind that he will go to Gujarat where many of his relatives stay to undergo Knee Replacement Surgery.
He was of the Belief that Knee Replacement will be a painful procedure and will take more then few weeks for recovery and recuperation. Having this in mind he thought he will go to Gujarat were
he has most of his relatives who would take care of him.

Mr Himatlal Doshi who was around 116 kgs also thought that due to his weight his recovery would be slow.
One day he read about an ongoing Health camp and Arthritis awareness program arranged by Dr Santosh Shetty and decided to meet him and take his opinion.
After meeting Dr Santosh Shetty and seeing and interacting with his operated patients he decided to drop the idea of going to Gujarat for the Surgery and get it done in Mumbai.
Dr Santosh Shetty a Leading Joint Replacement Surgeon from Suburban Mumbai assured Mr Doshi that with the New techniques his recovery will be much faster and that he Requires only Knee Replacement for one Knee and the other can be managed with a Joint Preservation Technique like Regenerative Cell Therapy.
Mr Himatlal was very happy to hear that he will need surgery on only one Knee and the other will be taken care by an Injection.

Dr Santosh Shetty who is a pioneer in FastTrack Surgery and 123 Recovery protocol operated Mr Doshi on Rt Knee Joint and gave an Intraarticular Injection into the Lt Knee Joint.
Mr Doshi walked after 4 Hours of Surgery and was absolutely comfortable and painless.
His friends didn’t believe that he walked after 4 hrs. So happy was Mr Doshi that he called all his relatives and his friends that his recovery is nothing short of a Miracle. Mr Doshi was operated with Muscle Sparing Technique and 123 recovery protocol where in he was made to walk on the same day and staircase climbing on the second day and discharged on the Third day.
Mr Himatlal Doshi who is now socially very active took out more then 70 people on a Pilgrimage after a month to Palitana along with his Family and friends.
Mr Doshi says that Dr Santosh Shetty has Added Miles To My Life.

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