Is Hip Replacement Surgery in India a Better Option for International Patients?

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March 25, 2019
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Is Hip Replacement Surgery in India a Better Option for International Patients?

hip replacement surgery in india

Hip Replacement surgeries differ in countries across the world. Right from the expertise of doctors, to the technology and cost of surgery, each country offers Hip Replacement of a certain standard. However, when it comes to healthcare, it is essential to choose only the best possible treatments, especially in Joint Care. Many patients travel to India for Hip Replacement surgery, owing to the high standard of technology, safety, and expertise in treatments, blended with favorable costs. This has led to a rise in International Patients treatment, making many people question what factors make Hip Replacement in India favorable.

Importance of quality Hip Replacement Surgery

Arthritis causes a variety of issues that hamper the daily functioning of an individual. It can be incredibly painful to carry on daily tasks or remain active, due to which Joint Replacement is essential. When it comes to Hip Replacement in particular, longevity and quality of the implant are often questioned. The surgeon’s expertise also counts, due to the positioning of the implant and understanding of the joint structure of each patient being crucial to achieving a positive outcome. While patients have their own set budget, it is vital to get the best possible quality. With medical tourism being on the rise, patients now have the opportunity to choose the best country that fits their requirements, India being among the most preferred countries.

Advantages of Hip Replacement Surgery in India

India offers a hoard of Hip Replacement benefits to International Patients:

  • Industry Experts

    India has a number of specialists offering the highest quality of Joint Replacement Surgery, using their wealth of experience in the industry. The highly-skilled Joint Replacement surgeons use innovative techniques to achieve finesse and precision at every step of the treatment, with many healthcare centers offering world-class programs and modules to train junior specialists as well.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    Medical tourism is flourishing in India, especially with the investment in advanced equipment and access to cutting-edge technology for superior safety and precision. With advanced technology available in a few of the top-notch clinics, many patients prefer traveling to India for treatment.

  • Cost-effective Treatments

    The Hip Replacement surgery cost in India is more than half the cost, as compared to other countries offering treatments of the same standard. This even includes travel and accommodation costs.

  • Major Tourist Hotspot

    India is on the bucket list of patients across the world, with a large number of sightseeing destinations, as well as a rich history and culture worth exploring. Medical tourism allows patients to seek the treatment they require and also enjoy a splendid vacation.

  • Comprehensive Services

    Many healthcare facilities providing Hip Replacement surgery offer end-to-end services to International Patients. Right from their initial consultation, to travel and accommodation, as well as translation services, International patients can relax and focus on their treatment.

India is a booming medical tourism destination, with numerous patients traveling to the country each year, to avail the excellent treatments offered by industry experts. Bone and Joint 360 has delivered consistent healthcare to patients from across the globe. Dr. Santosh Shetty is among the foremost, highly-skilled Joint Replacement surgeons, renowned for his expertise in the industry. He seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with advanced techniques, for flawless Joint Replacement Surgeries that harness success at every step. With an accurate diagnosis and superior treatments, we enhance each patient’s quality of life. Book an appointment with our team for world-class treatments.

Dr. Santosh Shetty
Dr. Santosh Shetty
Specialist in Joint Replacement and Trauma Surgery with more than 15 years of experience.
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