Honored with a “SAFE PRACTICE AWARD 2021” in the field of Joint Replacement Surgery

Dr Santosh Shetty – Bone & Joint 360 – A Covid Safe Clinic
February 8, 2021
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March 25, 2024
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Honored with a “SAFE PRACTICE AWARD 2021” in the field of Joint Replacement Surgery

In appreciation of our Efforts & OBSERVING OUR HIGH STANDARD OF SAFETY followed in treating Knee Surgery patients successfully during Covid-19 by following International Standards, MAXX MEDICAL USA HAS HONORED US WITH A “SAFE PRACTICE AWARD 2021” in the field of Joint Replacement Surgery which is given only to Select Surgeons Worldwide.

Our priority is that patients should feel safe when they are in our centre, and as such each and every patient is admitted only after Negative Covid Rt PCR Swab test report and HRCT Chest and our observation is that the patients testing positive for asymptomatic is less than 1%. The skilled Team at our centre are capable in performing the procedure in a way to help patients to go to their homes as soon as possible (often within 2 days) without any need of formal physical therapy after the hip or knee replacement procedure.

During the tough time of Covid-19, we also came across some patients belonging to different age groups especially elderly senior citizens who had completely broken their joints as a result of Domestic falls at home, slipping in the bathroom or from the steps or some other unfortunate accident. Out of them, some had already undergone a joint replacement procedure in the past while some elderly and geriatric patients had fresh Hip Joint fractures commonly known as Hip ball fractures. These helpless patients not only needed immediate joint replacement surgeries but also at times some of these patients required complicated high-risk revision surgeries. With the help of our Covid Heroes and their vast experiences, dedication and teamwork we not only performed these complicated surgeries at our Non Covid Centre during the peak of the Covid Pandemic but also successfully sent back these patients home in 2 to 3 days to minimize the exposure of the patient and their relatives in the Hospital.


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