Is Arthritis slowing you down? Not anymore – Article by Dr Santosh Shetty, Joint Replacement Surgeon, Mumbai

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March 4, 2019
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March 9, 2019
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Is Arthritis slowing you down? Not anymore – Article by Dr Santosh Shetty, Joint Replacement Surgeon, Mumbai


With the decreasing quality of people’s lifestyle, coupled with biological anatomy, the number of people afflicted with arthritis has skyrocketed in the past decade. Additionally, extensive research has proven that women are almost twice as likely to develop arthritis, as compared to men. Indeed, women’s own anatomy makes them more susceptible to arthritis, irrespective of age. Designed for pregnancy and childbirth, women’s hip and knee joints have an increased elasticity and decreased alignment, causing the joints more prone to movement and eventually, injury. Obesity is another factor that leads to arthritis, as the pressure of carrying excess weight increases wear and tear in the bones. With the statistics piling up each day, the odds of arthritis seemed to be stacked against women. However, Knee and Hip Replacement surgeries have empowered numerous women to battle the odds and pursue their dream life, irrespective of the conditions that afflict them.


A new day; a new experience

Dr. Geeta Dalal, in her 60s, had two passions; medicine and yoga. Being diagnosed with Knee Joint Arthritis, she made up her mind to not let the condition affect her. She logged in several hours at the clinic and conducted her regular Yoga sessions every day. However, as the condition progressed, she noticed her quality of life decreasing. Long hours consulting with patients in one place caused her knees to ache immensely, and she found herself slacking at Yoga, due to the pain. All the asana’s she could do with ease eventually became tiresome, and she ended up having to stop yoga completely. As anyone obstructed from pursuing their passion will tell you, it wreaks havoc on your mind and body.

Her colleague, Dr. Santosh Shetty, a leading Bone and Joint surgeon in Mumbai, India, performed a Bilateral Knee Replacement, which would significantly improve her condition. After the treatment, Dr. Geeta Dalal noticed a miraculous turn of events in her life. Slowly, but steadily, she regained her old life. It has now been a year since her surgery, and both her passions are now an active part of her daily routine. Consulting with patients has become a breeze, and her ability to practice yoga is even better than before. She recently took a trip abroad, which wasn’t even a consideration earlier, due to the long flights and walking involved. When asked about her thoughts on the surgery, Dr. Dalal immediately exclaimed, ‘I immensely thank Dr. Santosh Shetty for his impact on my life. He guided me throughout the procedure and recovery, and was always available to answer my questions. Being a doctor, I understand the commitment and expertise it takes to turn a patient’s life around, and he has done exactly that.’

A surgery for renewed hope

Mrs. Mamta, hailing from Alibaug, was a young, bubbly woman in her 20’s, who always dreamed of having her own, tightly-knit family one day. As the days progressed, she noticed the pain in her lower back and hips getting worse. What she thought was an injury, turned out to be Hip Joint arthritis, which would go on to almost shatter her dream. The arthritis was painful, not just physically, but emotionally as well. She couldn’t walk, sit for long hours, or even perform any day to day activities. To make things worse, the social stigma attached to the condition prevented any marriage proposals from coming her way, and the condition rendered her body incapable of handling the pressure of childbirth. The impact of arthritis was present everywhere, causing an immense decline in the quality of her life.

When consulted, Dr. Santosh Shetty, at Surana Group of Hospitals recommended a Bilateral Hip Replacement to alleviate her condition. Post the procedure, Mrs. Mamta felt the misery turn into happiness, with her life slowly gaining momentum. Months after the procedure, she could walk, run, and even jump, all things she couldn’t dare to think of earlier. Now, she is happily married, and has recovered enough for her body to even bear childbirth. Mrs. Mamta and her husband are planning a family, and looking to conceive in the next few months. With her social responsibilities being fulfilled, the Hip Replacement surgery has truly helped deliver happiness to her life. Here is what Mrs. Mamta has to say. ‘Dr. Santosh Shetty has transformed my life, and I thank him from the bottom of my heart. Right from the first consultation, he knew exactly what he was doing. More than simply treating Arthritis, he has given me a chance to fulfill my lifelong dream of being a mother.’

Don’t let arthritis stop you

These stories are just a couple, from the many lives that Joint Replacement surgeries have changed. Dr. Santosh Shetty, who has touched the lives of numerous patients over the past decade, says ‘As a surgeon, one’s biggest commitment is towards the betterment of society, and empowering patients across the world to fulfill their dreams. Advancements in the industry have resulted in gender-specific innovations in medicine, combating the crippling psychological and physical effects of arthritis, to enhance the lives of women across the world. If you have been suffering from increasing hip and knee joint pain, I urge that you seek the appropriate treatment sooner rather than later. Treating each patient with the utmost respect and care, we provide a holistic approach by customizing modalities as per the latest global standards. We are committed to a good quality treatment at an affordable cost.’ Offering an apt ending, he concludes with the words, ‘This International Women’s Day, add miles to your life, by gifting yourself the freedom of mobility.’

Your Guide to Arthritis

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis, in simple words, is a process of progressive wear and tear of our protective layer of Cartilage covering the Joints. It can be divided into Early, Moderate & Severe Grades depending upon the wear & tear of Cartilage. Progression of Damage of this Cartilage leads to increase in severity of pain, leading to deformity and restriction of mobility. Arthritis can affect any age group, though it is more common in obese people, females and elder age group.

What are the symptoms of Arthritis?

Patients with Arthritis notice symptoms such as joint pain and stiffness in the joints that gradually gets worse. Other symptoms include swelling and inflammation in the joints.

What is the role of Medication & Physiotherapy?

In Early and Moderate stages Arthritis can be treated with Medications like Collagen Peptides, Calcium, Vit D3 and Anti inflammatories along with Synovial Fluid Restoration Therapy & Regenerative Cell Therapy. Physiotherapy at this stage helps to bring down pain and increases mobility by few exercises specifically targeted for the muscles controlling the joint.

How can Lifestyle Modification help?

Lifestyle Modification plays a key role in relieving the pressure on the joints by avoiding few activities like Squatting/Cross legged sitting, climbing stairs, treadmill and using Commode Chair, as these help to decrease the stress on the affected Knees and relieves pressure, which delays further wear and tear.

When should one consider Surgery?

People who have deformities and restricted mobility, as well as those who are using a walking support in the form of a stick or walker due to lack of balance and stability can opt for surgery. Additionally, people who are bedridden or on prolonged pain killers should consider surgery as a last resort to correct deformity, regain Mobility and lead a pain free life.

What are the types of Implants available and which should one consider if undergoing surgery?

There are varied types of Implants available in the market today, which also come in different sizes, suited to each patient’s joint structure. The commonly known ones are made out of Cobalt Chromium or COCr, which is routinely used and lasts for around 15 to 20 years. Zirconium Implants or the latest Titanium Niobium Nitride Implants which usually is also called as the “Gold Knee” are the latest ones which are predicted to have a Life of up-to 30 years and are suitable for younger patients and patients having metal allergy.

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