It’s a privilege to receive an award from a leading news agency like Midday.

Plegde Against Arthritis An Arthritis Awareness Program conducted by Mumbai’s Best Knee Replacement Surgeon Dr Santosh Shetty.
October 2, 2018
Knee Replacement Patient from Jodhpur, Rajasthan Operated by Dr Santosh Shetty, Mumbai
October 22, 2018
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It’s a privilege to receive an award from a leading news agency like Midday.

It’s a privilege to receive an award from a leading news agency like Midday. This award has revitalized me to innovate more & rededicate myself to the art and science of orthopedics to make the Complex surgery simplified and acceptable to the patients and continue with my relentless services to the Society with more vigor and passion.

I have always believed in holistic approach towards my patients & have maintained complete honesty & transparency in my practice. My endeavor has been to continously innovate and provide treatment as per global standards to all my patients. I believe in Absolute Precision & making surgery more affordable and providing better results at no additional cost which has been key to my success.

Science and technology is constantly evolving. It is absolutely relevant & of prime importance to be updated and upgraded with the recent trends in the Management of Patients no matter which stream of Medicine one practices. I constantly upgrade my skills by attending CME programs, scientific debates and discussions and travel extensively across the best Centres globally in the field of their specialization to learn & give the best to my patients.

Behind every success is a story of sacrifices and pillar of strengths and so has been mine, without the sacrifices made by my parents and family this was not remotely possible and without the Pillar of strength that my sister has been I wouldn’t have been able to achieve whatsoever little have achieved today. I have always believed in giving nothing but my best to all my Patients by keeping the interest of Patients First through Team Work and have been a Team player. One can achieve more as a Team then individually and every member of my team has contributed silently in their own way in giving their best towards patient care. Our patients have noticed this difference in our approach and practice which is driven by our passion to be the best & they have become our Brand ambassadors and strongly recommend us in the Society to their friends & family.

The challenges in healthcare is same as in any other field, Lack of awareness, cost factor and results.The most important strategy early in my career was to create an awareness thus making surgery more acceptable, cutting down the cost, striving for early painless recovery and bringing down the rate of Infection. These were the main reasons why surgery was not easily acceptable so I Traveled extensively to learn and adapt modern techniques from doctors in USA, Germany, Belgium and across the globe to master the art to bring about speedy recovery, bring down the rate of Infection and amount of consumables used during the surgery and to make surgery cost effective & thus achieve best reproducible results in all my patients. This played or still plays a major factor in my practice. My team is very vigilant and committed on saving every penny of the patient when it comes to use of antibiotics or costly consumables. The hygiene and sterility practiced is of prime importance which has helped us keep give results as per international standards. Adding Miles To Life and Restoration of complete painless mobility is what we strive to achieve.

In the coming years insurance will play a major factor in India & also Quality of life today is given much more importance than the last decade. People want to look & feel good with an Active Lifestyle and are more careful and knowledgeable about their health needs thanks to the accessibility of information in the internet and print media. I want to dedicate a part of my day and life to pledge a fight against arthritis and create a social awareness platform to enable a Mobile healthy lifestyle by maintaining Pain free bone and joints which should eventually lead to lesser number of patients requiring surgery, if we are successful in maintaining their knee Joints. Keeping up with recent need and trends have specialised in Revision Joint Replacement Surgery from USA and Germany and am keenly updating myself with scientific research and data regarding the work going on.
Surgery or no Surgery Adding Miles To Life and painless restoration of Complete Mobility and aiding my patients to Pursue Golden Life will always be my Motto.

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