Journey from Delhi to Mumbai For Fast Track Recovery and A Pain Free Life….

Technology has found to be an asset in the Current Era of Advanced Joint Replacement. Innovations have blessed us with Technological Marvel’s, among which, at the Forefront is “Navigated Arthroplasty”
September 9, 2018
My Friends can’t Believe that I Walked Comfortably after 4 Hrs of Total Knee Replacement Surgery by Dr Santosh Shetty
September 9, 2018
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Journey from Delhi to Mumbai For Fast Track Recovery and A Pain Free Life….

Mrs Kapoor had tried everything but nothing could give her relief.
Mrs Kapoor had consulted the Bests over the years in Delhi but still found no relief.
Mrs Kapoor wanted to get Rid of This Pain and Continue Enjoying a Pain Free Life but was not sure how to go about to ensure a Pain Free Life.
Finally when they were told that only Total Knee Replacement is the option left, the Family started a Journey from Delhi to Mumbai seeking a Pain Free Life.
Her Son who has a cousin working in Abbott, One of the Leading Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies had heard about Fast Track Recovery and 123 Protocol of Dr Santosh Shetty who is one of the Renowned and Leading Joint Replacement Surgeons from Mumbai.

He decided to End his Mother’s Misery and give her a Lease of New Pain Free Life.
Dr Santosh Shetty Explained us the need of Total Knee Replacement Surgery and his Techniques in which he said that he will not cut the muscles, neither would he cut her ligaments and use bone preserving techniques along with a small incision, sutureless surgery along with 123 recovery protocol which will help her in FastTrack recovery.
Mrs Kapoor underwent a Bilateral that is Both the Knee Replacement Surgery on the same day under Spinal Anaesthesia and started walking after few hours of her surgery.
She had pain free speedy recovery while in the Hospital due to the Techniques used along with the Pain Management and 123 Recovery Protocols.
Mrs Kapoor started Walking the same day followed by staircase climbing and she was Discharged without stick.

She went back home Comfortably without stick and at the End of three weeks is walking comfortably doing everything and ready to travel back to Delhi. The Family is Happy that they Embarked on this Journey from Delhi to Mumbai in search of a Pain Free Life.
Dr Santosh Shetty who operated on Mrs Kapoor shared that most of his patients go home walking without any support like Mrs Kapoor and are able to achieve a Pain Free Range of Movements and a Early Speedy Recovery due to the Combined Efforts of his Team Consisting of The Anaesthetist, Nursing Staff and the Physiotherapist.

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