Citizen of Zimbabwe Gets Back to Her Feet after 42 Months.Comes on a Wheelchair goes back Walking.Dr Santosh Shetty, Joint Replacement Surgeon, Mumbai Adds Miles To Her Life.

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Citizen of Zimbabwe Gets Back to Her Feet after 42 Months.Comes on a Wheelchair goes back Walking.Dr Santosh Shetty, Joint Replacement Surgeon, Mumbai Adds Miles To Her Life.

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Mrs Agnes who took care of her entire family once and was very very active through her lifetime became a Victim of Osteoarthritis. Her life which was full of Socializing and Commitment to her Family and Family activities suddenly took a back seat as she started experiencing Severe Pain around her Knees. She consulted Leading Doctors around her vicinity back home and was on continuous treatment for her Knee Pain. She was diagnosed to be having Osteoarthritis involving both her Knee Joints which progressively increased over the next few years. She was in immense pain and her Activities severely reduced over the years. She started getting dependent on others for her day to day activities. Mrs Agnes who was used to be being Independent got Dependent on others, Mrs Agnes who was used to be taking care of others was now being taken care of by others. She had so much intense pain that she couldn’t walk and had to be taken around in a wheelchair.

Wheelchair became her Companion she couldn’t even walk few steps as she started developing deformities around the Knee Joints over the period of time. She found difficulty in sitting standing and walking due to her deformities. She was advised Physiotherapy to strengthen her muscles and correct her deformities. She did everything but nothing helped. Soon she gave up on walking and moving her joints as that gave her excruciating pain which bought tears to her eyes and tears to her family members eyes who could not see her in so much of Pain.

Arthritis had struck Mrs Agnes like Billion others across the Globe. Osteoarthritis took away all her Mobility and left her Bedridden and wheelchair bound. Her family started enquiries for her treatment across her Country and went to All the best centres Available in her Country. Soon they were left with No Hopes as Doctors in her Country had no solution to offer her, they explained the Family that she Will require a Complex Surgery in the form of Replacement of her Knee Joints. They were informed that this is a Complicated Surgery and it cannot be performed back home due to the unavailability of the Technical Expertise to Handle such cases. They were left with no options But To Look For Treatment Options Outside Her Country.

Her Family started their Online Journey to find treatment solutions for Mrs Agnes. They started reading and contacting different Joint Replacement Centres across the Globe. They started discussing her treatment options and the involved cost factors. Now they started getting a Ray of Hope that she could and would walk if treated properly.

Their online Journey took them to some of the Leading Centres across the Globe. They started getting the line of management and different quotes for the cost involved for the same.

Her Family got one such Treatment Options Mail from Surana Group Of Hospitals Sanpada Navi Mumbai India too.

Dr Santosh Shetty Director & Head Department of Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement Surana Group Of Hospitals who is One of the Leading Joint Replacement Surgeons from Mumbai and has a Fellowship in such Primary Complex Arthroplasty from Lindenhole Germany under Prof Heiko Graichen got in touch with the Family and Mrs Agnes.

Dr Shetty went through all her reports which was meticulously arranged and send by the relatives. He spoke to the treating Orthopaedic Surgeon of Mrs Agnes back home and understood her condition. They fixed a Video conferencing so that Dr Santosh Shetty could speak to the Family and the patient and address all their queries.

Soon Dr Santosh Shetty could gain faith of Mrs Agnes and her relatives as they were assured about the line of management and the treatment cost.

The family after a detailed interaction were completely assured about the wellbeing of Mrs Agnes and found faith in Dr Shetty and his Surgical Accumen and Skills.

Dr Santosh Shetty who had performed such complex surgeries in the past shared the pre operative and post recovery videos of such challenging cases which reassured the pt that they were coming to a Centre where the Expertise and a Team of Dedicated Staff is available.

Now the only concern was the Affordability. Mrs Agnes and her Family had spend too much money on her treatment in the past and had limited resources left.

Dr Santosh Shetty who believes in Adding Miles To Life and Bringing Smile To Faces discussed with the Hospital Management to wave off certain charges and make it affordable to the Family which will help Mrs Amsale get a New Lease of Life.

Dr Santosh Shetty strongly believes that if his Surgical Skills can make a Difference in his patients Life then Money should not come in between the Pleasure and Blessings that he and his Team recieves from his patients when they are relieved of their PAIN AGONY & MISERY. He has travelled across Globe to The Leading Centres to Acquire these Surgical Skills and updated his Knowledge to help such patients who have given up hope to get A HOPE TO WALK AGAIN.

Mrs Agnes started her Journey to India with A Positive Energy on a Positive Note .

Mrs Agnes travelled from Zimbabwe on a wheelchair with her Knee Fixed in a position of 90 degrees which is known as Fixed Flexion Deformity. Due to this deformity which she had developed over the period of years she could not stand and eventually became bedridden and had to be moved around in a wheelchair.
The Surgery planned was absolutely challenging due to the Deformities which she had developed leading to weak muscles as they were not used over the period of years along with the conditions of her bones which had become fragile leading to severe osteoporosis.

Knee Pain Patient Mumbai Operated by Dr Santosh Shetty

Team of Dedicated Doctors under Dr Santosh Shetty including Physician, Intensivist, Anaesthetist, Trained Nursing and Ot Staff along with Dedicated Physiotherapist got involved in a Mission to Make Mrs Agnes STAND & WALK AFTER MORE THEN 3 1/2 YEARS.

This Surgery was Complex and Challenging but was Meticulously planned.

Challenges included her state of Muscles which were weak over the period of years due to disuse know as Disuse Atrophy, state of her bones which were absolutely fragile due to severe underlying osteoporosis which had a risk of intraoperate fracture as they were brittle, the state of her fixed deformities made it an absolute challenge due to the soft tissue contractures that she had developed over the years. She was explained the risk of intraoperative fracture which could delay her weight bearing by two to three months until the fracture heals . She was also explained the long term physio rehabilitation due to her weak muscles and soft tissue contractures.

Cutting Edge Technology and Vast Experience of the Team under Dr Santosh Shetty Senior Joint Replacement Surgeon who has more then 15 yrs of Experience helped Mrs Amsale in undergoing a Successful Bilateral Complex Total Knee Replacement Surgery in a Single Sitting.

The Surgery went as it was planned. Mrs Agnes was now in the path of recovery. Finally after more then 3 1/2 years her Knees looked straight the Deformities were completely corrected.

As soon as she came out of the operating room she and her family were in Tears to see her legs completely Straight after a several years.

The Family member who had come along Mrs Agnes was in Tears of Joy and hugged Dr Santosh Shetty when she saw Mrs Agnes back with her Knees straight after several years of deformity.

The Smile on Their Faces were worth Millions and the Warmth in the Hug and all the Blessings were worth all the Stress that Dr Santosh Shetty had to undergo while taking up the surgery.

Slowly and steadily Mrs Agnes started recovering in the Hospital. Initially she was made to sit and do all the exercises to strengthen her weak muscles. Gradually she was made to stand and walk with the walker.

Standing back on her legs was a Moment Mrs Agnes and her Family were waiting for Years. That was a Moment of Joy for the Family.

Phone calls started ringing in from her family members back home who were eagerly awaiting this moment. Blessings came in Plenty.

One more Patients was Added with Miles

One More Family was Added with Smile on Their Faces

Mrs Agnes started walking after 3 1/2 years of being on Wheelchair.

Confidence made her recover fast . She had been told that she would require to stay in the Hospital for a month of recovery and rehabilitation but to her surprise and our surprise too she recovered completely in two weeks.

Confident about her recovery she decided to prepone her flight tickets and travel back to Zimbabwe in Fifteen Days.

It was a absolute pleasure to watch Mrs Agnes who came with Immense Faith on our Team and Entrusted the Decisions we made and the way we planned her surgery recover so soon.

It was nothing short of a MIRACLE for her and her Family but for us it was what we do Day In and Day Out in the last more then 15 Years ADDING MILES TO LIFE.


Joint Replacement Kenya
Adding Miles To Life and Smiles to Faces

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