Knee Joint Replacement in women: the GATEWAY to freedom from Arthritis

Is Arthritis slowing you down? Not anymore – Article by Dr Santosh Shetty, Joint Replacement Surgeon, Mumbai
March 9, 2019
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What Are The Causes And Symptoms Of Arthritis?
March 11, 2019
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Knee Joint Replacement in women: the GATEWAY to freedom from Arthritis


It’s no secret that arthritis can restrict ones mobility causing hindrance to leading a regular life. Not only because it’s a sign of your body giving out, but also affects The SWING OF ONE’S MOBILITY. As per latest studies, more than 60% of arthritis patients are women. Reason being: a woman’s anatomy is designed for childbirth, making the body less aligned, and the joints in the body much more elastic for easier movement. However, less stability and uniformity implies that women are at a higher risk for injury. Another factor is obesity, which is more prevalent in women than men. The extra weight puts more pressure on the joints resulting in wearing off the cartilage faster, all of which ultimately causing arthritis.


Dr. Santosh Shetty, Mumbai’s leading Joint Replacement Surgeon says ‘Most of my female patents come with a leading complaint; not of being unable to do what they want to do, but of being unable to do the things they need to do’. Arthritis is a silent killer of a person’s overall quality of life, making the need for treatment necessary, now more than ever.’

A Total Knee Replacement is the best answer to reducing pain and restoring mobility. Dr. Shetty a recepient of Mumbai’s Iconic and Innovative Joint Replacement Surgeon Award mentions, ‘ The Knee Replacement surgeries performed today uses the highest quality of materials and advanced technology for increased usage and longevity, bringing back a normal activity level when Performed using skill and expertise.’ Replacing the damaged bone with a prosthesis is a huge, but mandatory step to be taken for any women. Post the surgery and some IMPERATIVE physical therapy later, you’re on your way to LEADING A LIFE OF NORMALCY, without any physical agony. Dr. Shetty adds, ‘Though many of my female patients are a couple of stages away from requiring a Total Knee Replacement, these days most of them would opt for the advisable surgical option, so they can move on with their lives, rather than living in pain and discomfort.’
The rise in gender specific Knee Replacements has created quite a stir in the market, with different sizes in implants being manufactured, catered especially to Asian women who biologically have a smaller bone structure.

Dr. Shetty is the first surgeon in Mumbai to perform a Knee Replacement surgery at Surana Group of Hospitals Mumbai, using the smallest available Titanium Niobium Nitride Gold Knee Implant, for a female patient, Mrs. Binita Patel.

Dr. Santosh Shetty iterates, ‘Today’s advancements have made it possible for more personalized Knee Replacement surgeries for women with smaller incisions without cutting the muscles or the ligaments. We use the latest Titanium Niobium Nitride Gold Knee Implants with Vitamin E polythene that are of the highest quality and come in various sizes for a long-lasting, comfortable fit.’

This International Women’s Day let your preference be mobility, while allowing us to Add Miles To Your Life.

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