Know all about your Knees – Article by Dr Santosh Shetty, Best Joint Replacement Surgeon, Mumbai

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Know all about your Knees – Article by Dr Santosh Shetty, Best Joint Replacement Surgeon, Mumbai

Article by Dr Santosh Shetty, Best Joint Replacement Surgeon, Mumbai

Article in Hindustan Time HT Cafe Health Icons of Mumbai by Dr Santosh Shetty,  Best Joint Replacement Surgeon, Mumbai.


Know All About Your Knees from the Expert & The Master, Mumbai’s Best Joint Replacement Surgeon Dr Santosh Shetty, Director Bone and Joint 360.

A knee pain can initiate in any of the skeletal structures around the knee ultimately affecting the Knee-Joint (femur, tibia), the Kneecap ( patella ), or the Ligaments and Cartilage of the Knee. Though appropriate home remedies at an initial stage can be helpful to some extent, nevertheless,
it would be always wise to consult a doctor before the pain gets severe.

Dr Santosh Shetty is a Joint Preservation, Restoration, Resurfacing & Replacement Surgeon with more than 15 years of experience & Practicing in Mumbai. Dr Shetty has a Broad Understanding of his subject & Utilises Various Approaches in Performing Total Knee & Hip Replacement surgeries depending on the needs of his Patients. He is the recepient of Mumbai’s Iconic Innovative Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon and also first Surgeon in Mumbai to do a Bilateral Gold Implanted Cruciate Retaining Knee Replacement Surgery. He is a Innovator of Absolute Precision Protocol to achieve best results for his patients and has dedicated his life to create an awareness & help people fight against Arthritis. He is one of the finest and skilled Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon & the Best Joint Replacement to give inputs on Knee Essentials.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis in simple words is a process of progressive Wear and tear of our protective layer of Cartilage covering the Joints. It can be divided into Early, Moderate & Severe Grades depending upon the wear & tear of Cartilage.
Progression of Damage of this Cartilage leads to progression in severity of pain leading to deformity and restriction of mobility. Arthritis can effect any age group though more common in obese people, females and elder age group.

What is the role of Medication & Physiotherapy?

In Early and Moderate stages Arthritis can be treated with Medications like Collagen Peptides, Calcium, Vit D3 and Anti inflammatories along with Synovial Fluid Restoration Therapy & Regenerative Cell Therapy. Physiotherapy at this stage helps to bring down Pain and increases mobility by few exercises specifically targeted for the muscles controlling the joint for ex: Quadriceps strengthening exercises for the Knee joint.

What is the Role Of Lifestyle Modification?

It plays a key role in relieving the pressure on the joints by avoiding few activities like Squatting/Cross legged sitting, climbing stairs, treadmill and using Commode Chair as these help to decrease the stress on the affected Knees and decrease the pressure which delays further wear and tear.

How does Injection into the Joint Help?

With technological advances few injections like Vissco Supplementation gel or the new age PRP/Stem Cell Therapy is also of use in certain Grade 1 & Grade 2 forms of Arthritis of the Knee under the expert guidance of a Knee Joint Surgeon as they lubricate the Joint and also help in regeneration thus delaying and slowing down the progress of Arthritis.

When should one consider Surgery?

People who have deformities and restricted mobility and those who are using a walking support in form of stick or walker due to lack of balance and stability or are bedridden and are on prolonged pain killers should consider surgery as a last resort to correct deformity, regain Mobility and lead a pain free life.

What are the types of Surgery & How long does a Surgery Last?

With advancement in Surgical techniques Minimally Invasive surgery, Muscle sparing surgery, Bone preserving surgery as well as Cruciate Substituting or Cruciate Preserving are the few well known types of Sugical procedures carried out. A latest Surgical technique which is now benefiting Patients is called the “Absolute Precision” Surgery procedure.

What are the types of Implants available and which should One Consider if undergoing Surgery?

There are a varied type of Implants available and the commonly known ones are made out of Cobalt Chromium or COCr which is routinely used and lasts for around 15 to 20 years. Zirconium Implants or the latest Titanium Niobium Nitride Implants which usually is also called as the “Gold Knee” are the latest ones which are predicted to have a Life of up-to 30 years and are suitable for younger patients and patients having metal allergy.

What is Revision Surgery?

Typically traditional Knee Implants last for 15-20 years post which they may require to be replaced by newer ones requiring a surgery known as Revision Surgery. Also in cases where there is an Infection or Early loosening / fracture then in such cases also Revision Surgery maybe required but under expert Surgical guidance the percentage of the same due to Above factors is quite negligible.

This Article is to Create a General Awareness about Arthritis and All You Need to Know About Your Knees.
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