My Dad is Back To Working after Total Hip Replacement by Dr Santosh Shetty.

Back To Mumbai Local Train after Ceramic Uncemented Total Hip Replacement by Dr Santosh Shetty, Mumbai
August 4, 2018
MTNL Employee gets back to Normal Pain Free Life after Uncemented Ceramic Total Hip Replacement by Dr Santosh Shetty
August 4, 2018

My Dad Mr Vishwanath Shetty who is in his sixtees was having severe pain in his Hip Joint and was limping which made it difficult for him to walk even a few steps. He was on long term Steroids for treatment of his Psoriasis a skin condition which led to Arthritis of his Hip Joint know as Psoriatic Arthritis of the Hip Joint.
It had become difficult for him to continue with his work as he started experiencing severe pain in his Hip Joints.

We were highly recommended to meet Dr Santosh Shetty who had operated on few of our known acquaintances.
We were explained the Need for a Total Hip Replacement and we were prepared for the same as we could not see his sufferings and were also rest assured that we are at the right place.
Dr Santosh Shetty one of the Leading names in our Locality of Suburbs performed a Uncemented Ceramic Total Hip Replacement and my Dad was immediately pain free.
Seeing him Pain Free after a prolonged suffering was a Delight which was long awaited. Very soon after the Surgery my Dad was able to move about comfortably and Painfree.
Today My Dad Mom and Me are happy that we met Dr Santosh Shetty and decided to end our suffering and bring in Joy in our lives once again.
My Dad is confident once again and is back to his work.
My Mom is happy to see my Dad back at work.
Dr Santosh Shetty has given back Life to my Dad and all of us.

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