New Lease of Life at the Age of 83 with Attune Knee Replacement Surgery, Mumbai

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July 6, 2018
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New Lease of Life at the Age of 83 with Attune Knee Replacement Surgery, Mumbai


New Lease of Life at the Age of 83 with Attune Knee Implant for Total Knee Replacement Surgery
Mrs Talati 83 year old lady who had been suffering from severe knee pain for many years undergoes Knee Replacement Surgery in Mumbai with Attune Cruciate Retaining Knee.
Mrs Talati is an extremely warm and jovial lady. A former school teacher with bundle of vibrant energy who enjoys life to the fullest has been suffering with severe Knee pain for past couple of years leading to a restricted lifestyle.
The last thing she wanted to hear was she needed surgery at this age. She and her relatives were explained about the need of the surgery and were reassured about the results and painless speedy recovery.

She started walking on the same day of the Surgery as the surgery was performed using an Attune CR knee in which there is a Minimal Bone Resection and the Cruciate Ligament is not cut and left intact which helps in Enhanced Stability while standing up from a chair and staircase climbing leading to painless stable ranges of movements.

She was discharged on the 3rd day after surgery

She is back to her trueself within third week.
Her son who is also from Medical Device Industry and was looking to get his mother operated got Multiple References of Dr Santosh Shetty Joint Replacement Surgeon Mumbai for the surgery.
A Light Moment of Laughter and Poem in the Consultation of Dr Santosh Shetty with 83 yr old Mrs Talati the patient and her family.
#Adding Miles To Life
#Adding Smiles To The Face of the Patients and their Families
#Speedy Recovery with Attune CR Knee
# Nothing But The Best of The Best For Our Patients

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