No Physiotherapy & Back To Yoga After Total Knee Replacement In Safe Hands of Dr Santosh Shetty.

Finally My Husband Gets to Visit Temple and is Now Pain Free after Total Knee Replacement By Dr Santosh Shetty
September 9, 2018
Technology has found to be an asset in the Current Era of Advanced Joint Replacement. Innovations have blessed us with Technological Marvel’s, among which, at the Forefront is “Navigated Arthroplasty”
September 9, 2018

Captain Amarnath knew that his wife who is in her Seventees and was suffering from Severe Knee pain will require Knee Joint Replacement Surgery. They consulted many Doctors but the Fear from surgery as she had heard lots of negative things about the surgery always kept her away from taking a decision of surgery.

Finally when she met Dr Santosh Shetty Joint Replacement Surgeon from Suburban Mumbai she overcame all her fears and was ready for the surgery. She was advised Both Knee Replacement but she decided to get it done one at a time and assured the Doctor that she will get the other Knee Replacement done as soon as she gets relief in from her first Knee Replacement Surgery.
My wife was so happy with her first Knee Replacement Surgery due to the pain free and Speedy recovery which resulted in her walking within few hours of Surgery leading to her walking absolutely comfortably without stick on the very 3rd day itself and No further Physiotherapy requirements after Surgery that she kept her words and turned up for the second Knee too said Captain Amarnath.

Today Thanks To Safe Hands of Dr Santosh Shetty I recovered without Physiotherapy on the 3rd day of my Knee Replacement am able to Lead a Normal Active Healthy Social Life and am able to Do My Yoga too said Mrs Amarnath.

I should have got the Knee Replacement Surgery done long time back and led a Painfree active life is what she feels today.

Dr Santosh Shetty had to Plan this Surgery as per the needs of this Patient as she wanted to Pursue with her Yoga.
We always keep the Interest of our Patients first and have a holistic approach towards our Patients said Dr Santosh Shetty one of the Leading Joint Replacement Surgeon practicing in Mumbai who Planned a High Performance High Flex Attune Knee with Rotating Platform for Mrs Amarnath.
Mrs Captain Amarnath today enjoys her life and truly in spirits Dr Santosh Shetty has Added Miles To Her Life.

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