Everything You Should Know About Oxinium Knee Replacement Surgery

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Everything You Should Know About Oxinium Knee Replacement Surgery

oxinium knee replacement surgery

Knee Replacement surgery has always been characterized as surgery for older patients suffering from arthritis. However, there are more and more younger patients who require Knee Replacement surgery, making it necessary for a more durable implant that lasts for years, despite the impactful activity. Oxinium is a breakthrough material used in the latest Knee Replacement surgeries, which provides a hoard of benefits to patients, allowing for a safer, effective and durable implant. Here is what you should know about Oxinium Knee Replacement surgery.

What is Oxinium?

Oxinium also called oxidized zirconium is a composite metal or metal alloy that has a ceramic surface or coating, and metal-like structure. Comprising of 97.5 Zirconium and 2.5 Niobium, both of which are biocompatible metals, Oxinium implants are known to bond well with the body, preventing metal allergies, as well as offering durability and resistance to wear and tear.

What are the advantages of Oxinium Knee Replacement surgery?

The Oxinium Knee Replacement surgery offers a number of advantages over the traditional Knee implants:

  • Highly-durable

    Oxinium is a hard metal, proven to last 85 times as longer than its previous counterparts. The material glides smoothly along with plastic, allowing for lesser wear and tear, and abrasions. It’s scratch resistance feature minimizes abrasive scratching. Oxinium withstands repeating sliding and rotating in the socket, along with a high range of motion, allowing it to last much longer, suitable for younger patients.

  • Resistant to wear and tear

    Knee implants typically have a plastic insert with a femoral component, which rubs against each other during movement. A rough femoral surface leads to greater wear and tear of plastic with movement, which not only thins the plastic, but also the bone at the surface of the implant. Oxinium implants are covered with a ceramic coating, which offers greater resistance to wear and tear, as compared to metal-on-plastic. Ceramic-on-plastic generates a considerably lesser plastic wear debris than cobalt chrome, allowing patients to live an active lifestyle without fear.

  • Biocompatible

    Typical cobalt chrome implants contain nickel, which is known to cause metal allergies in many patients. Oxinium is the most biocompatible material, providing the best option for patients with metal allergies. They can undergo Oxinium Knee Replacement and resume an active lifestyle, without the fear of developing an allergy.

Who can benefit from an Oxinium Knee Replacement?

Though anyone who requires Knee Replacement surgery can opt for an Oxinium implant, certain patients would find this option ideal.

  • Younger Patients

    Oxinium implants last more than 35 years, as compared to typical cobalt chrome knee implants which only last 10-15 years, proving to be beneficial for younger patients.

  • Patients with metal allergy

    Oxinium implants do not cause metal allergies in patients, being the best option for them.

  • Active Patients

    Oxinium implants are more durable than their counterparts, enabling patients to return to a fairly active lifestyle.

Oxinium Knee Replacement surgery is proven to have numerous advantages, being the first choice for many patients. Bone and Joint 360 has delivered consistent healthcare to patients from across the globe. Dr. Santosh Shetty is among the foremost, highly-skilled Joint Replacement surgeons, renowned for his expertise in the industry. He seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with advanced techniques, for flawless Oxinium Knee Replacement surgeries that harness success at every step. With an accurate diagnosis and superior treatments, we enhance each patient’s quality of life. Book an appointment with our team for world-class treatments.

Dr. Santosh Shetty
Dr. Santosh Shetty
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