Ray of Hope Brings Patient to Mumbai after two failed Hip Replacement Surgeries in Pune

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Ray of Hope Brings Patient to Mumbai after two failed Hip Replacement Surgeries in Pune


Mr Desphande 62 had a fall 2 yrs back and had a fracture around the Hip Joint
He was taken to a Hospital in Phaltan where Fixation of the Hip Joint was done.
Unfortunately for him he had to go for a Revision Surgery where the first Implant was removed and another surgery was performed in Pune as the Implant (Screw) had migrated into the Hip Joint.

He was informed by his Doctors in Pune that the first surgery had failed and he would require a second major surgery to bring him back to his normal life.
Mr Deshpande was in severe pain and readily agreed to undergo the revision surgery.
But unfortunately this Surgery too failed.

Two years later he was diagnosed to be having a complex Non Union of the Intertrochanteric fracture with Implants insitu and adviced strict non wt bearing.
After two years of the second surgery he was informed that he will require a Supra major Revision Surgery as his Hip Joint had undergone Arthritic changes.
He had lost all hopes of having a pain free life and walking on that Limb again until his Son in law decided to meet Dr Santosh Shetty one amongst The Few Best Hip Replacement Surgeons in Mumbai.

Dr Santosh Shetty who has done a Fellowship in Complex Revision Arthroplasty from Lindenlohe Germany understood the bony conditions and assured that he can regain his mobility and he will be pain-free soon after a Revision Hip Replacement Surgery.
Sandeep who is from Medical Device Industry had immense faith on Dr Santosh Shetty and had heard a lot about Dr Santosh Shetty.
Being from the Industry which supplies high end products to the Hospitals used in operation theaters be Knew that Dr Santosh Shetty had the skills, infrastructure, team and expertise to handle such complicated surgery.

He requested his Father law not to loose hopes and come down to Mumbai and meet Dr Santosh Shetty once.

In the very first meeting Mr Deshpande found a Ray of Hope that he would be pain-free and felt now finally he is in Best and Safe hands.
Surgery was complicated and needed thorough planning. A team was formed consisting of Three Joint Replacement Surgeon under supervision of Dr Santosh Shetty.
Pt had a Implant which needed to be removed which was not an easy task and the Hip needed to be replaced which again was very challenging in view if the weak bones and muscles due to disuse and multiple surgeries.

Due to weak abductor muscles an Anterior Approach was considered along with Dual Mobility.

The Surgery was completed successfully.

Before Discharge patient was walking Full weight bearing with a stick absolutely Pain Free which he was unable to do in the past two years following past two surgeries.

His Son in law is happy that his decision and faith on Dr Santosh Shetty a Eminent Joint Replacement Surgeon from Mumbai had paid off and his father in law is completely painfree.

The Entire Family along with the patient is relieved that finally the suffering comes to a End.

Such Surgeries need to be planned and Executed as these pose multiple challenges and all complications should be kept in mind and a Meticulous planning should be done to give best results.

These Results are only possible when one has A Holistic Approach towards the patients and has the Best Infrastructure along with a Team of Doctors who are Dedicated to the Art and Science of Orthopaedics.

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