Knee Replacement

November 22, 2019
aging joints

Joint Replacements Can an Answer to Your Aging Bones

Baby boomers would have crossed 60 years of age by now. Many of them are likely to have arthritic joints; however, it does not mean that […]
May 28, 2019
joint replacement surgery

Joint Replacement – Correct Age and Other Factors

Joint Replacement Surgery is advised for those who are severely affected by osteoarthritis. Hip replacement is another common surgery and the age group that resorts to […]
February 17, 2019
First Joint Replacement Surgeon in India to Implant Smallest Size Opulent Gold Knee Femur

Knee that fits you well and can go on and on and on Myths Around Knee Replacement Shattered – Article by Dr Santosh Shetty, Mumbai

In today’s age and world, Knee Replacement is one of the commonest surgeries with more than 100 Arthritic Patients undergoing this surgery in and around Mumbai […]
September 9, 2018
Life After Total Knee Replacement Surgery Operated by Dr Santosh Shetty, Mumbai

None of My Relatives can believe their Eyes and We are Extremely Happy Seeing the Speedy Recovery after Bilateral Total Knee Replacement By Dr Santosh Shetty

Mr and Mrs Naik a Couple from Navi Mumbai Vashi had planned to travel to South Africa in few months. All plans were in place but […]
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