The Benefits of Joint Replacement Surgery

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The Benefits of Joint Replacement Surgery

Opting for a Joint Replacement surgery is a huge decision. Though the surgery is greatly beneficial in alleviating the pain and suffering that arthritis brings upon patients, it is a major surgery that requires a long time for complete recovery. Most patients often wonder, ‘Is Joint Replacement safe?’, and the answer is Yes. Hence, it’s essential to understand the benefits of Joint Replacement surgery, in order to keep yourself mentally strong to go through the process and make the best possible decision for your health.

The Benefits of Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint Replacement in Mumbai carries numerous benefits for patients who experience their normal life being disrupted by arthritis.

Restores quality of life
Arthritis can impact your daily activities, and restrict you from doing many things that you’ve always wanted to do. Moreover, many patients often find their career and personal life taking a sharp decline due to arthritis rendering them immobile and unable to give 100% to anything in life. Joint Replacement Surgery restores the quality of life and helps people achieve their dreams because it’s never too late.

Lesser medication
Medication for arthritis often comprises of painkillers and muscle relaxants, which can also make patients feel immensely tired and sleepy. Moreover, this also leads to medication dependence, which is addictive. By getting surgery, patients do not require as much medication, and can actually live through every day being alert and attentive.

Better quality of implants
Unlike the quality of implants used in the past, which were only available in standard sizes and lasted only for 10-15 years, the implants used today are made of the highest quality of metals, which are durable and last for more than 20 years. Moreover, implants are available in a variety of sizes, tailored to fit for comfort and durability and carry a reduced risk of metal allergies.

Reduced risk of chronic health conditions
Various studies conducted in the past have shown that major health conditions such as heart failure, diabetes, and depression are linked to chronic arthritis. Hence, getting a surgery that treats the issue can actually reduce the risk of these conditions later developing in patients.

Cost-effective surgery
Nowadays, Joint Replacement surgeries are quite affordable and can be availed by numerous people around the world. Patients can choose the type of implant based on their requirements and budget and still be treated with world-class skill and techniques that alleviate their issue with time.

Comfortable fit
Most patients who have gone through the surgery say that the implant feels normal and realistic, with no discomfort due to its presence. Hence, the implants today feel comfortable, making it optimal to seek treatment.

It is essential to know the Joint Replacement benefits, in order to opt for surgery at the right time, allowing your quality of life to be greatly enhanced. If you’ve been suffering from intense Joint Pain and wish to seek treatment, Dr. Santosh Shetty is the leading Joint Surgeon in Mumbai, with extensive expertise and experience in the industry, which aids in giving you a positive outcome and efficiently restoring mobility.

Dr. Santosh Shetty
Dr. Santosh Shetty
Specialist in Joint Replacement and Trauma Surgery with more than 15 years of experience.
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