Why daily walk is important for good health of your joint bones?

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October 15, 2019
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Why daily walk is important for good health of your joint bones?

Walking may not be as intense as running, going to the gym, or doing Pilates. However, going for a walk every day is in strengthening the bones and joints, preventing issues such as osteoarthritis or other bone conditions. Though it may not seem like much, as compared to high-intensity workouts, a daily walk is one of the most beneficial lifestyle changes you can make, especially when it comes to preventing and treating bone and joint conditions.

What are the benefits of walking?

There are numerous positive effects of walking on your bone joints.

Effects on Muscles
Walking builds and strengthens the muscles in the hips and legs, preventing the bones and joints from weakening. This reduces the risk of musculoskeletal injuries, which can later lead to osteoarthritis.

Effects on mobility
Walking regularly maintains your sense of balance and helps prevent any accidental falls from occurring. Moreover, it helps you remain mobile for a longer time in life, as you age.

Effects on Joints
Walking is a significantly low-impact exercise that goes easy on the joints and does not strain them too much. Moreover, it increases joint circulation and provides oxygen and nutrients to the joints, keeping them healthy in the long run. Daily walking also increases flexibility in the joints.

Effects on Bones
Walking maintains bone mass, minimizing the effects of wear and tear on the cartilage. This prevents the onset of arthritis and also helps patients suffering from arthritis to maintain their bone health.

Effects on the Spine
Walking every day enhances spinal stability and improves posture. This also helps in reducing lower back pain and keeps your spine in the appropriate position.

Tips on acing your daily walk

Here are some tips that will have you walking for good health, in no time.

Start slow and build as you go
Don’t just start with pushing your body to walk for hours at a fast speed. This increases the strain on your joints, and will probably make you want to give up as well. Start with short times, and a slow pace. As the days go by, gradually increase your pace and time. This applies to each walk as well. Begin by walking slow and slowly increase your pace. This will help you build more strength and keep you feeling pumped up even after your walk ends.

Choose the right shoes
The perfect shoes for walking are flat shoes with a wide front for your toes. Moreover, buy shoes that are flexible, and don’t have a heel.

Walk on softer surfaces
Walking on concrete or hard surfaces puts more pressure on the joints, due to the kickback you get with every step. Look for a soft walking surface such as sand, asphalt, or mud.

Hot and Cold therapy
Apply a hot water bag or take a hot water shower before you go for a walk. This helps loosen up stiff joints and makes it easier to walk. After your walk, you can apply a cold pack to reduce any inflammation that could occur.

A daily walk does wonders for your health, especially the bone and joints. Making time for even a 30-minute walk despite your hectic schedule saves you from future pain that could affect mobility. If you’ve been suffering from bone and joint pain, consult Dr. Santosh Shetty, the top Joint surgeon in Mumbai, who can effectively diagnose and treat your condition, to alleviate pain and restore mobility in no time.

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