What are Some Tips for Recovering from a Shoulder Surgery?

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What are Some Tips for Recovering from a Shoulder Surgery?

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The shoulder is considered to be one of the most flexible joints in the human body, responsible for many day to day upper body movements. However, this increased movement also puts it at risk for a number of injuries such as tears, dislocation, fractures, and more, that require surgical treatment when in a severe state. The recovery from Shoulder Surgery is almost as crucial as the procedure itself, requiring extensive care to ensure the shoulder heals in the right manner, bringing back movement as soon as possible. These are some recovery tips for shoulder surgery, which will have you fit and fine in no time.

7 Shoulder surgery recovery tips

These 7 tips will ensure that will get you smoothly on the road to recovery

  1. Enlist someone to care for you post surgery

    The first-week post surgery will be quite hard, as you begin adjusting to the restriction of movement and your limitations. Pain and inflammation are most likely to be at their peak during this time, which means you need to rest as much as possible. Having a family member or friend around to help you with household tasks during this time can ease the stress faced.

  2. Follow your surgeon’s instructions

    The surgeon gives you a list of postoperative instructions or do’s and don’ts to follow during this period. These tips by the expert are essential to follow, for a smooth recovery, so make sure not to ignore even a single one.

  3. Attend all your physiotherapy sessions

    Physiotherapy is the most important part of your recovery. Right from at home exercises to sessions conducted by a skilled specialist, physiotherapy is essential in restoring a normal range of motion to your shoulder joint, aids in recovery, and prevents reoccurrence of the injury due to weakness.

  4. Cold compress

    Cold compresses or cold therapy devices are easily available in the market, or you can just create a makeshift one using an ice bag or frozen bag of peas. Regularly applying a cold compress for short periods of time at regular intervals helps reduce pain and inflammation after shoulder surgery treatment.

  5. Follow a balanced diet

    A balanced diet gives your body the nutrition it needs to heal and repair after shoulder surgery. Additionally, the medication to be taken after surgery is known to cause bowel movement issues in many patients. Hence, make sure to eat fiber-rich food.

  6. Wear your sling as required

    The sling provided to you after surgery immobilizes the shoulder and helps you maintain the optimal healing position. This also helps avoid any unwanted strain on the tissues.

  7. Take it easy

    It can be very easy to get excited about recovery as your healing progresses and jump into being more active than required. This can lead to re-injury, to make sure to ease into the activity.

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Dr. Santosh Shetty
Dr. Santosh Shetty
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