Farmer Says Good Bye To Stick after Ceramic Uncemented Total Hip Replacement Surgery, Mumbai

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July 14, 2018
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July 20, 2018
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Farmer Says Good Bye To Stick after Ceramic Uncemented Total Hip Replacement Surgery, Mumbai

Hip Replacement Mumbai

BabanRao aged 64 Resident of Shirdi District was unable to walk even few steps without the Help of his stick. He suffered from Severe pain around his Hip Joint due to wear and tear of his femoral ball and Cup. Babanrao who is a farmer by Profession had given up hopes on walking until his Daughter in law who stays in Mumbai was recommended to Meet Dr Santosh Shetty one amongst The Few Top Hip Joint Replacement Surgeons of Mumbai by her Family Physician. She met and understood the treatment options first and convinced later called down her father in law from Shirdi to meet Dr Santosh Shetty.

During the first visit Dr Santosh Shetty was able to instill faith in patient that he could look forward to be relieved of his pain. His suffering had also taken a huge toll on his family members as they too could not see him in such intense pain.

He was recommended Uncemented Ceramic Total Hip Replacement Surgery.
He was assured that not only be would be relieved of pain but also say Good Bye to his stick which had become a integral part of his life.
He wasted no time in getting himself ready for the surgery as all treatment options had failed and he needed to be pain-free.

He started walking on the same day full wt bearing and was discharged on the Fourth Day. Within Three Weeks after Hip Replacement be is able to walk independently and has said bye bye Tata to his walking stick and waved good bye to his pain. All he wanted was to have a pain-free life and continue cycling the way he used to while going to his Farms when he turned up for surgery.
Ceramic Uncemented Total Hip Replacement has given him a pain-free Independent Mobility without any Stick and pt can continue doing everything.

His Daughter in law is very happy to see him pain-free finally after so many years.
She is very confident now in referring patients if someone is in need.

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