Weekend Knee Replacement Surgery Fast Track Recovery by Dr Santosh Shetty, Mumbai

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July 11, 2018
Skills of A Surgeon and The Best Available Technology Comes together to take Away Suffering of Arthritic Patients
July 11, 2018

Mrs Chonkar was suffering from Knee Pain due to Arthritis for a couple of years.

She was a very Active Lady enjoying her life but this Knee pain had crippled her and restricted her mobility affecting her Quality of Life.
She was silently suffering due to fear of Surgery and voluntarily cut down on her activity level.

One of her Relatives recommended that she should meet Dr Santosh Shetty Joint Replacement Surgeon from Mumbai and take a opinion.
Mahendra Chonkar who runs a Tuition Class in Mira Road had Immense Trust on Surgical Skills of Dr Santosh Shetty as he had operated on His Mom for a Knee Replacement and a Very complicated Revision Hip Replacement Surgery couple of years back.

Mahendra’s Mom was previously operated outside for a Hip Fracture which had failed needing a Complex Revision Hip Replacement Surgery and had also eventually developed advanced Arthritis of the Knee Joint.

The Surgery was completed in two stages when first a Knee Replacement was performed and later a Complicated Revision Hip Replacement Surgery was performed.
Backed with this experience of his own mothers treatment he strongly recommended Mrs Chonkar to have complete faith in Dr Santosh Shetty.
Dr Shetty explained the Need of the Surgery along with the Type of Implants to be used and the time needed for recovery in length to the family.
Patient and the Family were now relaxed after the consultation and were willing to go ahead with the surgery at the earliest.
Surgery was planned in Two stages with the Knee severely affected first followed by the second Knee after few months.

Weekend Surgery was suggested to the working couple as both the Daughter and Son in law were working and could manage and take care of her during the weekend without need of a leave.
She recovered well from the first surgery completely and with immense confidence turned by for the second Knee Replacement.
She was operated on Friday and discharged on Monday Morning.
She started walking on the same day and recovered well in the Hospital.

Dr Santosh Shetty said a HighFlex Cruciate Retaining Knee Replacement Surgery was performed with a Minimal Invasive Incision and Muscle Sparing Mini Midvastus Approach which lead to a Fast Track Recovery and a shorter stay in Hospital leading to a Early Discharge over the Weekend.
Patient and the Relatives are Extremely Happy Seeing Her Relieved of Pain and Enjoying her New Mobility.

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