Dr Santosh Shetty – Bone & Joint 360 – A Covid Safe Clinic

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How to Prevent Infection after a Joint Replacement Surgery?
November 29, 2019
Honored with a “SAFE PRACTICE AWARD 2021” in the field of Joint Replacement Surgery
February 8, 2021
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Dr Santosh Shetty – Bone & Joint 360 – A Covid Safe Clinic

At Bone & Joint 360, the safety of our patients is paramount so we have put a number of COVID-19 prevention measures in place at our clinics including the below:

  • Requesting patients with COVID-19 symptoms to stay at home.
  • Booked appointments only, no walk-ins, no patient companions.
  • Hand gel provided on entry and face mask must be worn- this will be provided if you do not have one.
  • Enhanced Personal Protective Equipment to confidently protect you and our team including gloves and face masks by our staff during consultations, and perspex screens at reception.
  • Enhanced infection prevention and control to ensure the environment at the clinic remains safe throughout the day.
  • Controlling the number of patients in reception at the clinic to a maximum of two people at one time.
  • Contactless and card payments are taken where possible to reduce the need for further contact.

Some of the commonly asked questions are: –

Q) Is it safe to seek a consultation in regards to Joint pain due to Covid Pandemic?

To keep our patients Covid safe we have taken multiple steps and have also been offering the convenience of Video Consultation and Online Consultation (TeleMedicine) to patients at the convenience of their homes using the app based technology “Super Dr” wherein even Xrays and investigations are done at home so that the medical needs are provided at the doorsteps at the safety of their homes during the period of Covid Pandemic. Appointments for patients with Emergencies and those patients who need to be seen and examined physically are facilitated through a phone call at Non-Covid Clinic set up and also online appointments are given maintaining all the required guidelines like social Distancing and others set up by the Health Authorities and also as per International Safety Guidelines and Protocols.

Q) Is it Safe to undergo Joint Replacement Surgery during Covid-19 pandemic?

For those who are in severe pain and are not able to walk comfortably or have been advised Knee Replacement Surgery, we have created a Covid Safe Protocol and a Covid Safe Admission Infrastructure.
We understand that among various obstacles posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, there are multiple other challenges faced by patients looking for surgical treatment.

Some of these challenges are operational and easy to handle in nature, while some of them are a bit challenging to be handled mainly, anxiety and confusion encountered by patients who are in the process of deciding for undergoing joint replacement surgery. But considering the ongoing scenario of the pandemic, these are very usual concerns and are addressed with detailed counselling. Nevertheless, patients coming to our centre for a Joint Replacement Surgery should be quite assured that the Centre will go to the utmost extent to maintain the safety and allow our patients to have the desired procedures with ease and Absolute precision.

Our priority is that patients should feel safe when they are in our centre, and as such each and every patient is admitted only after Negative Covid Rt PCR Swab test report and HRCT Chest and our observation is that the patients testing positive for asymptomatic is less than 1%. The skilled Team at our centre are capable in performing the procedure in a way to help patients to go to their homes as soon as possible (often within 2 days) without any need of formal physical therapy after the hip or knee replacement procedure.

During the tough time of Covid-19, we also came across some patients belonging to different age groups especially elderly senior citizens who had completely broken their joints as a result of Domestic falls at home, slipping in the bathroom or from the steps or some other unfortunate accident. Out of them, some had already undergone a joint replacement procedure in the past while some elderly and geriatric patients had fresh Hip Joint fractures commonly known as Hip ball fractures. These helpless patients not only needed immediate joint replacement surgeries but also at times some of these patients required complicated high-risk revision surgeries. With the help of our Covid Heroes and their vast experiences, dedication and teamwork we not only performed these complicated surgeries at our Non Covid Centre during the peak of the Covid Pandemic but also successfully sent back these patients home in 2 to 3 days to minimize the exposure of the patient and their relatives in the Hospital.

Additionally, our team’s vast experience, minimal Invasive approaches and our perioperative processes are very helpful for patients to avoid going to any rehabilitation centre post-surgery. Concisely, we have specialized in providing patients with the surgery according to their need and return to the comfort, and safety, of their home as soon as possible in a cost-effective way.

COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon many problems, difficulties and anxiety for our patients. And we do not want them to further suffer from their hip and knee arthritis too. And for this reason only, Bone and Joint 360 Centre has adapted to the current pandemic and understood all the associated challenges in a way, to provide the life-changing surgeries to the needy patients in a cost-effective comfortable and patient-friendly safe environment, with a minimum stay and an ever effective way with Absolute Precision.

Q) What can the patients visiting Bone and Joint 360 expect?

Patients visiting our clinic for treatment and surgeries, can expect the following:

  • Safety protocols have been customized following the latest WHO guidelines
  • Not a single staff and patient is without N 95 Mask
  • To ensure the constant sterile environment, cleaning protocols and fogging are followed rigorously
  • Usually, patients are asked to come into the centre by appointments alone or max with one attendant (unless support is needed).
  • Loved ones or companions can wait in the car during the visit.
  • Appointments are staggered and kept in a slot of 15 to 30 minutes between two patients
  • Social Distancing is Maintained
  • Contactless Experience while registration and payment
  • Digital Prescriptions and Digital Reporting

In appreciation of our Efforts & OBSERVING OUR HIGH STANDARD OF SAFETY followed in treating Knee Surgery patients successfully during Covid-19 by following International Standards, MAXX MEDICAL USA HAS HONORED US WITH A “SAFE PRACTICE AWARD 2021” in the field of Joint Replacement Surgery which is given only to Select Surgeons Worldwide.

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