None of My Relatives can believe their Eyes and We are Extremely Happy Seeing the Speedy Recovery after Bilateral Total Knee Replacement By Dr Santosh Shetty

My Friends can’t Believe that I Walked Comfortably after 4 Hrs of Total Knee Replacement Surgery by Dr Santosh Shetty
September 9, 2018
Awarded as – Iconic Innovative Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon, Mumbai
September 22, 2018
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None of My Relatives can believe their Eyes and We are Extremely Happy Seeing the Speedy Recovery after Bilateral Total Knee Replacement By Dr Santosh Shetty

Life After Total Knee Replacement Surgery Operated by Dr Santosh Shetty, Mumbai

Mr and Mrs Naik a Couple from Navi Mumbai Vashi had planned to travel to South Africa in few months. All plans were in place but of late Mrs Naik was finding it difficult to walk due to severe pain in her knee joints.

This pain was progressing over the past few years and was making it difficult for her to walk painfree. She was told that she will require a Bilateral Total Knee Replacement.
The Couple were facing a Dilemma either to cancel their long time planned trip to South Africa which they were looking forward to and undergo the Knee Replacement Surgery or go for the trip with the painkillers and get it done when they return.

During this Difficult time they came to hear of Dr Santosh Shetty a Leading and Renowned Joint Replacement Surgeon from Mumbai.
They had heard about his Patients recovering in a shorter period of time and decided to meet Dr Santosh Shetty.
Joint Replacement Surgeon Dr Santosh Shetty after in depth counseling and interaction with the Couple realized their Dilemma and assured them that they needn’t Cancel their Trip. He asked them to carry on to South Africa as planned after Total Knee Replacement Surgery.

It was hard for the Couple to believe as they knew of relatives and friends who had undergone the same surgery but had experienced severe pain and had taken a long time to recover and required long term Physiotherapy.

Dr Santosh Shetty explained them in Details about his Muscle Sparing Approach and Minimal Invasive Incision along with Disposable Navigation and fast track recovery and 123 recovery protocol which will help in Early recovery.

During the Surgery her Ligaments were not cut either and also her bones were preserved using latest Bone Preservation Techniques.
Mrs Naik underwent Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery and started walking the same day. She had a Fast Track Speedy Recovery and started walking without stick on the Third day itself and climbing stairs.

By fifth day she was ready for Discharge after Bilateral Knee Replacement and was walking comfortably painless without stick and climbing stairs.
Relatives and friends who came to meet her couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw her walking. She not only could walk comfortably but also the Couple had regained their confidence to carry on with their Trip. They had Joy and Smile written all over their face. They were happy that Dr Santosh Shetty kept his word and now she will go home without stick and walk comfortably and will be Painfree and will not require any Physiotherapist.

Over the Period of time the Couple have visited as planned to South Africa and recently also visited China and Leading a Active Painfree Lifestyle.
Dr Santosh Shetty who is a Pioneer of this Fast Track Recovery and 123 Recovery Protocol has helped many such patients Regain Their Mobility and Added Miles To Life.

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